Guide on Cleaning Your Home by Yourself

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DIY home cleaning is a daunting process, but if you follow this guide, then you can easily keep your home neat and clean without putting too much effort. Even if you call the professional home sanitizing company in Noida, yet you will have to maintain the tidy work by cleaning your home. Here is the guide to clean your home in Noida:-

Dust your house

Go through each room and start dusting, including the topsides of all the furniture, undersides of shelves, picture frames, home decor, TV screens, etc. If you have glass-top furniture, then you can use glass cleaners to clean the glasses.

Clean mirrors and glasses

Wipe down the mirrors in your bedrooms and bathrooms and in the living room as well. If you have glass cleaners, then use it to clean the mirrors and glasses, and if not, then use wet dry microfiber cloth but dry it immediately or else it will leave the water stains on the mirror.

Clean surfaces

Take a wet microfiber cloth and start wiping down all the surfaces and counters throughout the house. Cleaning the surface will help in disinfecting the house, and it is necessary to disinfect the house.


Do not forget to clean the kitchen and bathroom.

These two places in your house are the hotspots for the pests and other types of germs and bacteria. So, it is important to keep your kitchen and bathroom all the time. If not the source of food, then the moisture present in these places can attract pests towards them. So, keep them clean. Spray cleaners and let it sit for a few minutes, then scrub and wipe down the dirt. After cleaning everything, sweep, mop, and scrub the bathroom and kitchen floors.

Vacuum the house

When you are vacuuming the house, then do it in the way that you will wipe away the dust starting from your bedroom than out of the house.

If you follow this guide, then you can easily clean your house. But, the pro cleaners have brilliant tricks. They can do the job in just a few hours and give you a deeply cleaned and sanitized home. Whether you want to disinfect your home or sanitize it, you can hire a professional home cleaning company in Noida. And if you are doing it yourself, then follow this guide. But, make sure not to make the most common mistake that people tend to do during house cleaning activity, they clean room by room instead of cleaning the entire house. This makes the process too much slow.

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