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The summer vacation is coming, which means school administrators, mentors, and educational technology companies should now prepare their students for their return home. For those in the education industry, the beginning of a new school year can be an overwhelming time. When parents go to school, students pay, and teachers send e-mail inquiries, you all need a way to stay organized without being overwhelmed by the to-do list.

Education CRM software is a great solution to get your tasks and business on track. By simplifying processes and automating work processes, these programs can help you work more efficiently and provide better services to students and parents. Continue reading to understand why education CRM must be implemented during the peak back-to-school period.

  1. Effectively arrange student follow-up activities.

Whether you run a private school, provide tutoring services or sell textbooks, the end of the summer vacation will bring a large number of freshmen who request information. However, when returning students also make requests, they may fall into confusion.

In order to keep freshmen organized and provide quality customer service, please look for educational CRM software with Web to potential customer form function. When prospective students fill out the form on your website, their contact information will be automatically recorded in your CRM database, and an email notification will be sent to your sales team. This ensures that someone can effectively follow up with the students to provide them with the required information.

  1. Quickly arrange tasks and meetings via email.

There is no doubt that a large amount of emails from students, parents, and faculty and staff will flood your inbox. Some of this information will inevitably require a meeting to discuss educational goals or deal with paperwork. Unfortunately, it’s too easy to lose or accidentally delete an email, and you can transfer all info to your calendar.

Many email apps (like Outlook and Gmail) provide CRM add-ons that allow you to effectively convert emails into appointments. With a few clicks, you can save the email details in the scheduled meeting, which will be displayed in the CRM calendar. Moreover, if the person you are dating is not a known contact in CRM, you can also save their information directly from the email inbox.

  1. Automated redundant process

There are many administrative procedures that are very redundant and waste valuable time. Even updating student contact information, creating invoices, and sending emails are all tasks that reduce your productivity.

Thankfully, a powerful customer relationship management program can help you reduce manual workload by automating repetitive tasks. For example, integration with accounting software eliminates the need to enter invoice data multiple times, and saved email templates make student follow-up work a breeze. By letting CRM do the hard work, you can focus on more productive tasks.

  1. Invest in student/parent portal technology

It is tiring to manually enter each student’s contact information and payment details. Data entry errors can also cause serious accounting errors, so it is best to minimize this risk.

Instead, let students and parents handle these tasks. Looking for CRM for the education industry with customer portal technology that allows students to access their personal accounts online. These portals should provide contact information and detailed information about registration, tuition fees, and resources. Students and parents will appreciate updated information, view transaction history, and self-sufficiency in online payments. At the same time, the portal will free your team from the duty of manual data entry, thus giving you extra time during the day.

  1. Mobile technology for education business

If you are in the education industry, your job may involve going to school to meet people or provide resources. When you talk to students and teachers all day, you need to keep their contact information up to date.

CRM software with mobile technology delivers unbelievable solutions for traveling staff. With the CRM app, you can easily access student account information or teacher meeting records on smartphones and tablets. For team members who are not in the office, they will be able to schedule meetings or prepare quotes on the go is the key to changing the rules of the game.

  1. Customized to meet your needs

When adopting new software, make sure it can track information that is important to you. The use of customizable CRM software provides greater flexibility for automating critical processes and organizing basic data. Every schools and company have unique needs for tracking information about students, parents, and teachers, so adding custom fields can make the program more suitable for your business.

Customization can also help simplify inefficient workflows. Suppose your company depends on having students and parents come to the office to sign the paperwork, but sometimes they forget to show up, which slows down the sales process. A better solution is to incorporate online document signatures into your CRM program. By accessing digital documents through an online portal (see above!), Students and parents can read the information at their own pace. They can then easily sign the document virtually by clicking a button or typing a name. After receiving the email notification about the signature, you can immediately proceed to the next step.

Use educational CRM software to prepare for the new school year.

Fortunately, more and more students sign up for your program or purchase your products every year. The increased business is great, but the increased workload will make you feel like you have n’t done anything. CRM for immigration consultants can streamline workflow and automate manual processes to help you get back on track. With the use of these tools, you will be able to provide A + customer service in September and improve work efficiency.

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