AHA: Skincare Routine to Prepare for Wedding Day

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On the big day, you naturally want your skin to look, it’s very best. The care routine that you use during the weeks before your wedding is therefore very important. Don’t really know where to start? We put together the perfect recipe for you to shine on your wedding day.

Months in advance

If there are drastic ‘interventions’ on your planning for your wedding day, such as defamation of hair or having your eyebrows painted, it is better to plan them well in advance. For that type of treatment, you often need one or more follow-up treatments to achieve a nice end result. The faster you implant something like this, the better.

Weeks in advance


To really reap the benefits of a new skincare routine, you need to perform them consistently for about four weeks. So we recommend starting your custom pre-wedding regime at least a month before your wedding day. We now tell you what we think the ideal care routine in the run-up to your marriage will look like.

 ‘in the evening

Step 1: cleaning

The thing you don’t want on your wedding day is blemished skin with blemishes and pimples. It is very important to clean your skin well in the weeks before. In addition, you also keep the sebum production under control, so you have less chance that your skin suddenly starts to shine excessively.

Use micellar water (possibly for sensitive skin) to remove your makeup and a mild cleanser to clean your face thoroughly. The Hydrating Cleanser from CeraVe is a milky cleanser that cleanses your skin without drying it out.

 Step 2: exfoliate (max. 2 times a week)

This is the essential step that can make your skin appear radiant from within. We recommend a chemical exfoliant instead of a scrub, as it will not damage your top layer of skin while still thoroughly removing all dead skin cells and debris from your skin. You do it before you apply your care products so that they can do their job all the better.

Pschitt Magique is a mild exfoliant that should only be left on your face for thirty seconds and does not irritate your skin. The next morning you wake up with silky, radiant skin.

 Step 3: moisturize

Healthy skin starts with good moisture content. If your face is lacking in moisture, this can manifest itself in all kinds of annoying ailments, from dry spots to pimples. After you have cleansed your skin, always lubricate them with a moisturizing cream. That cream does not have to have any special effect, it must above all maintain the moisture balance of your skin.

Step 4: nourishing oil

This step is certainly not a must, but a good oil can definitely work wonders for your skin. Rosehip oil gives you a healthier complexion and glowy skin in just a few weeks. So on your wedding day, so.

‘in the morning

Step 1: cleaning

In the morning, you do not have to clean as thoroughly as in the evening, but it is still better not to skip the step completely. Just go over your skin with a cotton pad and some micellar water or wash your face just like in the evening with a mild cleanser.

Step 2: serum

Just like oil as extra care during your evening routine, you can also skip this step if you want. But we think: if it does not benefit, it will not harm. A serum usually has a very specific purpose, for example, extra hydration, reviving a dull complexion, or reducing pigmentation. Which serum you use depends mainly on what you think your skin needs.

This Fresh Shot from Vichy is an instant boost for your skin. It is ideal to use as a cure and therefore works well in preparation for your big day. 

Step 3: moisturize + protect

Just like in the evening, you apply a moisturizing cream as the last step, and in the morning, preferably one with SPF that protects your skin against harmful UV rays.


Facial care

To give your skin a boost for your big day, you can schedule a professional facial treatment. Because you are never sure how your skin will react to it in the next few days, it is better to schedule it at least a week in advance. Do not experiment with chemical peels or intensive treatments now, but rather choose the safe option. Your beautician will undoubtedly take into account that your skin should look flawless and healthy within a week.

 Body care

Don’t forget your body in the weeks before your wedding. Your décolleté, back, and arms, in particular, should also shine on your big day. The weeks before, lubricate your body with moisturizing body lotion as if your life depended on it and do not give dry spots a chance. Would you also like to see a beautiful tan on the day of your party, then self-tanner is the perfect tool for that. Try it out in the weeks before, so that you have mastered self-tanning well and that there are no surprises – read brown stripes.

The day itself

Do not experiment with facial masks or other products the day before or the day itself. Stick to the routine you’ve been doing for weeks, so you don’t get your skin out of balance. If you happen to get up with a pimple, you will have to rely on the skills of your makeup artist. Let him/her work their magic.

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