6 Things To Do While In Lockdown

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While there is a global pandemic sweeping the nation right now with many countries in full lockdown and everyone sat in bored with have come up with 5 things to do in lockdown to help curve the boredom.

Learn How To Cook

Accept it, As most of us don’t have time to cook at our best times, so we avoid it and decide to order a takeaway or stick something in the oven so we can avoid spending time cooking or learning to.

But with all the free time on our hands, we could learn how to cook up a delicious dish and gain some new skills in the kitchen.

You can learn to whisk up something easy such as crispy smashed potatoes with garlic pesto or even look to bake something which is up to their on the higher difficulty level such as a lemon meringue pie.


Watch IPTV and Streaming Services

You may like to watch TV and relax, well there is no better home entertainment to watch then IPTV. 

You will be able to catch all premium channels from around with the world by using an IPTV provider, such as Strong IPTV, who is one of the leading IPTV suppliers.

You pay a small subscription charge and get access to thousands of channels so you can watch the live tv shows you are used to and even all the latest live sports from around the globe.

Also, you can put IPTV on as many devices as you can think of from Smartphones, Smart TVs, Android, Firesticks, Laptops, and many more.

Learn A New Language

While the lockdown looks like it could be months turning into a year, there has been no better time to expand your knowledge and learning to speak another language.

The benefits of talking another language are huge from going to the country and speaking to locals to looking for future work as a translator.

Learning a language is fun and challenging. You can use apps such as Duolingo and Babbel, which will slowly take you through the pace of learning and being able to speak another language.

So pick a language you’re interested in and when the lockdown is over, and you have learned it pack your bags and take a vacation in that country, and you will be speaking to locals without any effort.

Start Running

With most lockdown rules stating you can leave your house once a day for exercise, now you can tune in and focus on achieving a 5k milestone from running.

Running is one of the best exercises you can do not only for your health but mind to and keeps stress at bay so you can operate at your best every day.

With the quarantine lasting many more months, you can decide to train for a 5-kilometer race even if you have never taken to running before its all possible in just a few months of training.

There are many apps you can download on your smartphone, which will help you achieve a 5k distance within a matter of months.

One of the best 5k apps is an app called Couch to 5K this will take you from never ran in your life to a 5K hero in no time and being able to run 5k is a great feat and will also have you looking your best and getting many compliments when its time to head back to work.

Do Some DIY Around The House

We all sometimes sit down and stare at something in the room which needs fixing or upgrading, but we say next weekend I will do it, and it never gets done.

But with all the free time, it’s worth going around the house and fixing and upgrading anything that needs doing or even starting longer projects such as flagging the back garden or building a new shed.

You can also search the many YouTube channels on DIY to get some inspiration and know-how before you start upgrading your house or garden.

Play Games On Consoles

You may not have been interested before picking up a controller, but if you have kids, there is nothing that they would enjoy more than beating you multiplayer on the latest shoot ’em up for their Xbox console.

Gaming is made for all ages, so if you have an Xbox, PlayStation, or PC, you can play the latest games to suit your wants and needs, and if you don’t have a console, maybe its time to start browsing Amazon looking for one to be delivered.

If you are over 30 and want to have some fun without playing the latest graphic intense games, you can opt to buy a retro console for a lot less money, and this will take you back to the ’90s with consoles such as the Nintendo N64, Sega Megadrive, Gameboy Advance and some more classic retro gaming consoles to enjoy your free time on.

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