5 Essential E-logs For Owner-Operators In 2020

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5 Essential E-logs For Owner-Operators In 2020

For those who have no idea about e-logs, its devices invented for commercial trucks and buses business. Its actually a hell lot of work to have the records of each vehicle in order, and to manage the workforce and resources manually. The electronic logging device (ELD) simply eases your work with its automated feature that keeps an eye on your services, driver, and other trucks working under your company. They were designed to replace paper logs. 

Today it is essential to have an e-logging device in the trucking industries. E-log owners can simply sit back and watch their work happening automatically with ease by simultaneously increasing their business profits. It’s a boon to the trucking industries. You don’t need to worry or have an eye about your driver’s performance, the e-logs got you covered with its ability to know if your driver is following the traffic and road rules. 

Investing in an e-log is simply one of the best decisions you can make on growing your business. However, with a wide variety of e-logs, it might turn out to be confusing when it comes to buying one that suits your needs exactly. Luckily, there are sites like GeoTed that have detailed ELD reviews that help users and potential customers decide which ELD would suit them best.


Rand McNally ELD 50

It is easy to install and can be installed without any training. Its clean design in the absence of fuses and wires makes it more easy to manage. When you download the rand McNally app and connect it with your ELD, everything becomes a piece of cake, you get access to the fuel status, engine speed, battery voltage, engine status, boost pressure, and oil pressure. the only defect it has is its weak signal strength.

Coaxial My20

Konexial My20 is another best yet cheap ELD available in the market. its different functions are what makes it stand apart from the other e-logging devices. This device has the solution for all your problems related to trucking, and if you want to have a wide range of control over your business then Konexial My20 is the right thing made for you. Its lightweight and elegant design make it more attractive to the customer’s eye.

Its company had made its name for the manufacturing of robust build quality. Here comes the best part, the Konexial My20 can go “auto-pilot” while the driver can rest after a long drive. It gives you fair and square records of your drivers working hour, thus you can give them wages as per their working hours which makes it fantastic and time-saving to use. Its user-friendly controls make its best impression in the market and also provide outstanding customer services.

Garmin ELD

When it comes to buying an ELD of a good brand Garmin eld comes in the top list. The Garmin eld can be the best deal you require to make a good start in your career. It also has an app to make its controls portable and easy to use. It comes with hours of services (HOS) recording to insist you with a variety of tasks. The application stores all the details and performance of the drivers. It’s compatible with almost every smartphone.

KeepTruckin ELD

To a person with low capital support and high determination, the keep trucking eld is the device made for you at a cheap price with quality performance. It also has unique features like messaging, customizable vehicles, log auditing, driver scorecards, GPS tracking and a lot more. It also comes under the top 3 best ELDs available in the market due to its low cost and reliable technical support. Customer services are provided 24/7 on this device. However, its low cost compensates the fact that its installation is complex.

Stoneridge EZ-ELD

Stoneridge has more than 60 years of experience in the creation of digital tachographs. This eld is reliable and can be used to manage and record statistics of a fleet of trucks(more than 50). Its built-in design is secure and stress-free and also provides quick and easy installation. It has a user-friendly interface that makes the drivers work with ease. The Stoneridge logbook is surely one of the most trusted and efficient ELDs in the market.

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