What is Affordable Web Hosting ?

What is Affordable Web Hosting ?

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Providing Affordable Web Hosting

Providing affordable web hosting by every web hosting provider is very hard but not impossible because almost every web hosting company claims it provides affordable web hosting. Most of them are advertising low prices on the internet and misguiding their clients. They try to sell their services by making false commitments. Once anyone signs up and purchase web hosting. Then it is tough to cancel the web hosting services. Because the moment you pay for the web hosting plan or a domain name from the hosting provider at a promotional rate. But suddenly you see the conditions which forced you to stay with them for the next three years or five years. Even their service is good or bad. You have no choice to stay with them. You cannot move out because otherwise, you will be losing the money.

What is a 30-day money-back guarantee?

So my advice to you is before you plan to create any website. You should search for the right provider who can convince you to provide affordable web hosting and the Domain name from a web hosting provider. It’s always better to look for web hosting offers where the web hosting provider offers you at least a 30-day money-back guarantee on web hosting. Then you have a choice of requesting a refund for the service. And move to some other web company where you can get better and reliable service.


Whats do you mean by Reliable Customer Support?

The other major factor in choosing a provider claiming to provide affordable web hosting services is looking for reliable customer support from your web hosting provider. It is helpful when you come across some technical difficulties while setting your web hosting account or something breaks on your website. Even your website is running slow, or you want help to upgrade your hosting plan, etc.


How to Get an Affordable Domain Name? Click Here

1st thing which you need to look at is the domain name to create a website. Each website needs a domain name because, without it, the web is not possible. So when buying a web domain search, you will see many choices, and many companies are offering domains starting from $1 to anything you think. The price depends upon the type of domain extension or the popularity of the domain name. There are premium domains, But their price depends upon how much the seller wants to sell. Because in today’s world, this is a trendy business. You can make good money by just buying a domain and keeping it until you find a buyer. If someone is looking for that particular name, you can charge any premium price. 


What are the Domain Extensions? Click Here

 Today the internet is a very efficient, convenient medium of knowledge sharing and doing shopping. So the internet Community came up with different types of domain extensions. The most familiar domain extension is. COM., But in case you are a doctor and want to create a website to promote your healthcare practice online to get more clients, you can get a domain extension.DOCTOR instead of.COM, And if you are a tax accountant, you can get a domain extension.ACCOUNTANT instead of.COM, and if you are a blogger, you can get an extension.BLOG. So this is a widespread practice to match the domain extension with the type of business. It’s a great business idea, and companies are making millions of dollars by using this. Our domain name extensions start from $2 onwards, depending upon the domain extension.

What are Premium Domain Names?

The premium Domain names are small domain names like insurance.com etc… If you register a domain today and tomorrow, someone comes to you and wants that name. You, as an owner, can demand any premium price for that. Along with the premium prices offered by the domain owners, the regular domains are available at very low prices. We at Bluehillhosting.com provides both premium and regular domains but at very affordable low-cost, thus saving some money to our customers. 

From Where I can get the Best Web Hosting Service?  Click Here

As we at Bluehillhosting is a family-owned business. Our team is trying to serve the community so that our clients can take advantage of our web services at a very affordable cost. We offer service to almost every other person interested in running their website out of their home office without hiring any professional tech. We have nearly two 200 plus domain extensions available to choose from the database. Almost every day, we offer low pricing on our domain extensions. 

What Best Web Hosting Service We Offer? 

As our name describes, Bluehillhosting.com, that we are a hosting company. We offer the best web hosting service to satisfy the consumers to run their website fast and smoothly in a few minutes from scratch by providing affordable web hosting services. We offer many web options with different web plans.

Our services start from $1/month and go upwards based upon the client requirement and number of online visitors. But for a startup blogger or a new business site, if anyone wants to get their website online in minutes, it’s not necessary to buy an expensive plan. You can start using our basic solo hosting, where you can buy our web service starting at $1 a month. 

And that is also a money-back guarantee for 30 days if you are not satisfied in the first 30-day. Otherwise, you can extend your services by staying with us. The 30-day money-back guarantee provides peace of mind if you are not happy with our web services. And you can get a refund. The only thing which is not refundable is the domain name you purchased. Which you can use is anywhere with another hosting provider.

What is the Free SSL Certificate?

Due to increasing cybercrime and hacking, we hear websites are down almost every minute. We hear practically every day in the news that a lot of websites got hacked. And millions of dollars are being stolen from the sites in the form of stolen information. Because when we communicate and transmit our information on the internet. If our website is not encrypted, hackers can see the information we are sending or receiving because it’s not encrypted. 

When we transfer data to other vendors, that information can be their client’s personal information. When we submit any forms, When we are shopping online and submitting our credit card information, the hackers can steal information on its way to the destination. 

So now we need to think about how to stop these bad guys from stealing our sensitive information. If we encrypt the data before transmission, then it’s tough to take any data from hackers. So to encrypt, we need to install an SSL Certificate on the website. Typically an SSL cost starts from few dollars onwards to hundreds or even thousands depending upon the business use. So now, we are clear that to safeguard our data, we can use SSL certificates.

Our Free SSL certificate

We offer a free SSL certificate to all of our web hosting clients. This free SSL certificate is a complimentary service we provide at no additional cost to our clients. But we need to disclose that we don’t guarantee or offer any insurance if something gets hacked. The reason can be anything. This free certificate has a client-vendor agreement between you and us as a hosting provider.

So, without any commitment, we offer this security encryption to every web hosting client without any obligation from either site. This free SSL certificate is good for essential website security. But in case you are running a business or eCommerce website. You may want to do some payment gateway transactions between your site and bank, or your client’s personal and financial information is involved. In those cases, we recommend you to buy some premium SSL certificates, which we also offer at a very affordable rate. The premium SSL products cover in case something goes wrong. So this way, you can protect your customer’s information from hackers.

For Premium SSL Certificates Details Click Here

Can Get Free WordPress Site Builder?

With every WordPress Hosting plan, we offer free WordPress site builder software. WordPress is one of the most commonly used website builders on the planet. It is effortless and straightforward to use, which anybody can use without having any professional training. Only necessary computer skills are required to work on the WordPress site builder. 

 As we mentioned, we are giving you free WordPress with almost every web hosting. You will get WordPress ready to be installed on your web hosting account. You can have your website available in a few minutes. Then you don’t have to go and shop anywhere else for your web hosting needs.

For Purchasing WordPress Hosting with SSL – Details Click Here

How to get Free WordPress Templates?

As we mentioned above, we are offering free WordPress software when you’re buying our web hosting services from us. So before you create any website, you need a web template to create your site. These free templates are complimentary with every WordPress installation, which will help you create your favorite website in minutes. But also, you can use a premium web templet, which can be purchased if you don’t want to use a free web templet from WordPress installation.

Get Free Web Templet with WordPress Hosting – Click Here

How Can I Go Online in a Few Minutes?

Once you buy any web hosting service or domain name, or both from Bluehillhosting.com, your new services will be available within a few minutes instead of a few hours. But in contrast to our web service offerings, some web hosting companies take almost 24 hours to 48 hours to have your account available for you to use online. But in our case, it typically takes only less than an hour or maybe sometimes 10-15 minutes to have your website available on the internet. It means you can save your time and have your business online in a few minutes.

Can I Transfer your Website?

If your website is running on any other web hosting company and you’re not happy or paying a lot of money. And not satisfied with the hosting service, you move your web hosting services to any other provider or bluehillhosting.com. But the main challenge people think about is how hard it is to transfer their website to a new web hosting company, which will be a big challenge for them.

We talked about this issue and came up with a solution to offer a free transfer with a 1 hr free expert transfer time to our web hosting platform. But if the migration is taking a little longer, you may need our premium expert advice or the expert to offer that service. 

Why I need SEO?

SEO means search engine optimization. Just creating a website is not the only thing that will help you to be successful online. It will not serve the purpose because when people search for your website, they will not be able to find your website. The reason search engines won’t know that you even exist online unless you tell them using SEO. 

The process of introducing or including you in the web search engine is called SEO, which means Seach Engine Optimization. And you can achieve this by either hiring an SEO consultant or you have to do it yourself. 

SEO is mainly content-driven. Google is the most significant search engine globally, which scans and indexes all the websites on the internet and saves them in their database. When a user goes online on Google, yahoo, or bing and searches for any keyword related to your content, your site is displayed. The keyword can be like selling clothes and an online user search for the keyword clothes. After Google indexes your website, the site will show up in the search results. 

So this way, you are going to get the revenue from that website because it is showing on Google. So the main thing here is how to make your site visible When anybody searching on the internet. All is possible if your search engine optimization is entirely satisfying the Google algorithm. 

Our experts can take care of the SEO for your website. 

Click here for our SEO services.

 Our SEO experts can help you bring your website to the first page of Google, and you get a lot of traffic because when people search for your product and Google displays your website on the first page, people will go to your site. And you get the return on your investment. 

Why are we the Best Web Hosting Provider? As we are providing affordable web hosting

  • We are offering the cheapest web hosting with a complete range of web solutions, and Our hosting plan starts from just $1
  • With our web hosting, you have the freedom to buy for a month or year. We did not force you to pay for a whole year in advance.
  • Our web hosting is already very cheap, and We also provide promotional or discount offers for our customers.
  • Free to upgrade. If you are our customer of the Linux plan now, you want to upgrade to cloud hosting. You can do it any time without losing your already paid amount.
  • You can get domain names in 500+ extensions from us.
  • 99% uptime for your website
  • We are providing 24/7 support to our customers, and Customer satisfaction is our first motive

About BlueHillHosting

BHH makes web hosting affordable for everyone with our cheapest web hosting plans. Our services are not limited to Blog portals. Most of our clients are using very complex DB-based business-related dynamic websites. Also, provide a high-speed virtual private server (VPS) at a low rate for our customers. 

We also offer high-speed cloud hosting at a reasonable price range.

BlueHill Hosting is one of the most well know providers providing affordable web hosting platforms to use. We are committed to providing you the world’s fastest web hosting services at the lowest price. If you get any problem with our web hosting, our expert support team will ready to help you in any conditions, and we provide 24/7/365 support.

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