How to Choose Best Web Hosting

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How to Choose Best Web Hosting?

It’s a hard question on how to How to Choose Best Web Hosting plan, Free SSL using Solo Hosting, Admin Hosting, Business Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and Business Email Hosting plans?. It’s not that easy job. That’s why they need a hosting plan that comes when anybody wants to do Start a new website. Based on our experience either your site is personal or a Business website with e-commerce functionality you need reliable web hosting.

Once you decide the website type and what resources are required to support the website. The next step is to start working on high-level components requirements.

Components Required to Build a Site:

  1. Domain name.
  2. Web hosting plans depends on website traffic.
  3. SSL Certificate to protect your data.
  4. Web development software or tool.

Let’s find some more info

Above are the main building blocks for launching a new website. Other than these, you may need an excellent SEO knows as a search engine optimization service. Which you can hire a third-party vendor you can do yourself. 

In this article, we will not discuss domain name selection. But you can Check How to Seach a Domain. Click Here.


Search for Cheapest Web Hosting Per Year

For an ordinary person shopping for web hosting services is very confusing, who doesn’t know anything about the web hosting industry. Most of us try to find the right web hosting provider on the internet using GoogleYahoo, or Bing. Usually, search results show a lot of web hosting providers on the search page. If you observe every web company tries to sell its products by saying they are best in the industry. This is true for some companies, but not for all. These offers are sometimes misleading. 

Because of the above facts, we at did a lot of research. And we came up with straightforward hosting offerings without cheating our customers. We always try to offer a web hosting product, which is very simple and less expensive, with 99.99% uptime.

Because all our web hosting plans are trying to cover almost everything you need to host your web site. Our primary focus is to provide a simple and straightforward way to organize your web sites without hiding anything. To find How to Choose Best web hosting plans, we need to review the below offerings:-

Solo Hosting:

Solo hosting is for the clients who want to host only a single website with low cost, want to build their website in no time without any hidden cost. This web hosting plan includes 

Unlimited Business email accounts – Which are going to help you to establish your business trust and reputation. For example, If you are sending an email to your client, your email should match with your website instead of using any public email service. 

So, With Solo Hosting, we offer a free domain name when you buy our multiple years of Solo hosting. As you know, the domain is required for creating a website before you buy a web hosting. So when you purchase our annual hosting plans, we are offering the domain name completely free of cost to help any new business or a blogger to succeed in saving their cost.

Unmetered Network Bandwidth

Another important thing is the network bandwidth. Most of the time, hosting companies offer limited internet bandwidth. And when your website starts getting a lot of online traffic, Your website crashes due to limited internet bandwidth.

But in our case, if you are getting a lot of online traffic. As a result, we will recommend you to upgrade your web hosting to Admin Hosting, rather than stopping your web service. And thus save you from crashing it online. So when you are growing fast, your services will be available on your website irrespective of your SOLO HOSTING for startup websites.

Free SSL certificate

We offer a free SSL certificate, which most of the companies are not offering to their clients. Some companies provide free SSL certificates for a limited time, and then clients need to buy a premium SSL. But here at we’re not forcing any of our clients to purchase any premium SSL certificate unless otherwise, they decide to purchase our premium SSL certificates.

Free WordPress Site

Get free WordPress site software with our Solo Hosting plan. WordPress is a secure website building software that anybody can use. You can create your 1st website in no time with little knowledge. WordPress is a very commonly used website builder by one-third of the world’s websites. It is very safe and secure with auto-updates on a very regular basis, making it very reliable.

Unlimited Subdomains

Solo web hosting comes with unlimited subdomains, Which are useful in creating many different types of regions or departments when creating a big portal. Some providers charge extra for subdomains.

cPanel Control Dashboard

Our Solo plan comes with a cPanel dashboard. It makes web hosting very easy to manage using everything on the same screen. You can do almost every activity with the click of a mouse. You get lots of web applications and add-ons in the Cpanel.

Admin Hosting

The next level of web hosting is our Admin hosting. Admin hosting contains 

  • All the features of Solo Hosting Plus, 
  • Extra power,
  • Extra Resources,
  • Host up to 5 websites in parallel. 
  • Free Web Domain
  • Free SSL
  • Site Backup
  • Free WordPress

So, Admin web hosting is suitable for sites that are very Bussy with a lot of online traffic. It’s useful for website owners and developers who want to run multiple sites as it supports up to 5 websites, and you can run all websites together. Admin website hosting has its resources, so the speed of the website is always faster.

This type of web hosting plan is recommended for users who are not start-ups and want to accommodate more online users. Most of the admin users are upgraded solo web hosting users because once their website becomes popular and they want more resources.

 Business Hosting

Business website hosting is a compelling web hosting plan. This web hosting plan includes all the features Admin web hosting & Solo Web hosting, Plus, get more power to run unlimited websites together. This web hosting plan has no restriction on the number of emails a user can create. This hosting plan is our top-rated and Powerful hosting service. Business hosting is for busy sites, and they don’t want to compromise on performance. Most eCommerce websites wish to no downtime, and they want a fast speed, so they always select business hosting instead of Solo or Admin hosting plans. 

We offer Business Email

Because hosting plan comes with business web hosting comes with the business email, which is the main requirement for any business to grow and to establish itself in the business community. 

Business Email Hosting

Because business email hosting is a necessity and not an optional service for any online business to succeed. Business email build trust with clients. For example:- your business email will be

Reseller Hosting

So, Reseller hosting is a web hosting service. We are offering this to new start-ups who are willing to start their own web hosting company at a very low cost. Reseller web hosting is ready to start a web hosting company business plan. No technical knowledge is required for anyone to start selling web hosting. By selling our services, anyone can start making money very fast. So, New people who want to start their own web hosting company, but they don’t have enough budget. Reseller hosting is the answer to their needs. 

Conclusion: So, in a nutshell, always look and compared the features and offering mentioned above before making a web hosting purchase.

Try us for 30 days with Our Risk Free money-back Guarantee.

If you are looking for the How to Choose Best web hosting plan per year’s lowest cost and 99.99% uptime, then BlueHillHosting is the best option for you. As we always try to provide the cheapest web hosting per year along with the most affordable domain name per year with a wide range of web services like Domain names, Web Hosting services, SSL certificates, Email hosting services. Because of this, we are offering complete web solutions from a personal blog to an advance E-commerce online business.

Thus, we make web hosting affordable for everyone by exploring How to Choose Best web hosting plan. But we are not limited to Blog portals but also very complex DB based business related dynamic websites. We provide a high-speed virtual private server (VPS) at a very low price.

Take a look at our Cheapest Best web hosting plan & Buy web hosting for a month

After looking at the above plan, you will quickly understand that we provide the value for money web hosting. We are trying to make web hosting affordable for everyone.

Why Choose Us?

  • Because we are providing cheapest web hosting with a complete range of web solutions, and Our Cheapest Best web hosting plan starts from just $1
  • Buy web hosting for a month or year; we do not force you to pay for a full year in advance.
  • Lowset price web hosting per year.
  • Freedom to upgrade, Upgrade your Solo hosting, you can do it any time without losing your already paid amount.
  • You can get a domain names in 500+ extensions from us.
  • 99% uptime for your website
  • Also 24/7 support to our customers, and Customer satisfaction is our first motive

As a result, BlueHillHosting is one of the most accessible web hosting platforms to use. We are committed to providing the fastest web hosting services within the lowest price. So, when you need any help, our expert’s support team will ready to help you in any conditions. We provide 24/7/365 support.

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