Magnetic Closure Boxes

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Magnetic Closure Boxes are widely loved and used by many companies, because of their vast usage and benefits. They are used to provide a sealing effect to the packaging box and maintain the inside items of a packaging foam in place. Magnetic closure boxes can be cushioned with foam for extra support to the product. these also leave a style statement and show your clients that you pay utmost attention and deliver their valued products with care and responsibility. Custom Printed Magnetic closure boxes come in different shapes and sizes for your convenience. We at Claws Custom boxes deal with an extensive range of magnetic closure boxes that are fit for your products and provide the facility of adding other details as well.

Custom Magnetic Closure Boxes are the most elegant and visually pleasing cases that are present in the market. With their sturdiness and rigid displays, these wraps in multiple shapes, sizes, and structures have succeeded in winning the hearts of both buyers and retail companies. Present in multiple layout options, they offer both simple displays and intricate ones to suit your products. Hence, they are a great option to avail of while wrapping several different goods.

Another equally befitting feature of these Retail Boxes is that they are affordable and highly durable. This clearly means that these boxes have no burden posing traits and are easy to afford while also being durable. So safe to say that it is a win-win situation for anyone that wants to gain market exposure, enough recognition among customers, wants to associate a good reputation with his business, and wants to generate revenue.

Increase Your Customers with Custom Magnetic Closure Boxes

You can easily increase your sale rates with the help of these magnetic closure boxes. These wraps are enough to leave a good impression. And also compel buyers enough to never think twice when making a purchase. Custom packaging boxes can help you increase your product visibility on the retail shelves so that the customers are left with no choice but to spot your product and be intrigued enough to observe it. This is the first step towards success. Once the customer agrees to observe your product, he/she can include your product and brand in his thoughts.


This step induces your brand recognition and familiarity. We are also well aware of the fact that once a customer is satisfied with a product, he gives referrals to others too. This is one type of unpaid marketing of your brand. Another thing that can help you promote your brand; is the packaging boxes you choose to invest in.

Intrigue Customers and Compel Them to Buy Products

These boxes effectively raise the interest of people and can make them stay mindful of your brand always. With your creativity and distinction, allow your products and your brand to stand out and be in the limelight. Do this, so that more and more people can know about you. Once you show your creative side and originality to your valued customers, you can easily spot an increase in your sales and get benefit from this the most. Packaging Custom Boxes in all of their forms and structures that are present in the market can help you greatly to grow your brand and become successful merchandise.

After you start using custom boxes, people will start recognizing and admiring you more. And this will compel them to recommend your products to others too. Enjoy the rate of success with the use of these packaging boxes.

Maximum Support to Products:

Magnetic closure packaging is mainly used for items that are delicate and fragile to provide extra bracing to the product. they allow the item to stay in place and help in avoiding any damage to the product. one thing that is neglected by many business setups is that they think getting your buyer’s attention is the hard part, but instead maintain that attention on your very brand is the main task that should be paid enough heed. And so buyers can get most of the item with the help of these cases. The product that they wish to have should be given to them with the utmost care and protection. Instead, many business brands show utter irresponsibility while packaging and shipment of their products to their consumers.

Easy Unpacking Experience to Customers with Magnetic Closure Boxes:

Since these boxes come with a magnetic closure, your customers don’t have to tear them open. Or get into the difficulty of unbinding or removing the tape to get to the actual product. White / Black collapsible Magnetic closure gift boxes wholesale Australia provide you with ease of opening the packaging and whenever needed keeping the product inside the box for further safe-keeping. Moreover, these boxes are quite exquisite to look at. They can give your brand a good and high reputation by adding to the importance of your business. People usually invest in nicer-looking products and when these products come with even nicer-looking packaging, it proves to be a treat for the buyers.

Offering a wide range of design options to the business holders, magnetic packaging wholesale can give you the leverage of using your creative mind skills instead of following traditional and conventional packaging ways. This can help you showcase your products in all their beauty and manage to gather a lot of buyer appeal.

Our Services and Strong Points

Claws Custom Boxes especially pays attention to this aspect and adds every little detail that can make a good difference in the overall influence of a product. Thus, we also allow our clients to share their ideas and make sure the cases portray the whole design as it is. We professionally deal in all sizes and shapes for these wrapping packs. Our main target is to provide convenience to both, our clients and their customers. By offering unique size and shape variations, we let our clients and consumers decide what they think is suitable for them. We value the thoughts and ideas our users have in mind. The objects that are packaged inside innovative boxes can easily draw attention. In the retail business grabbing attention is usually on the priority list of all retailers.

Customer care:

 We are available for our dear customers 24/7 in case of any information or queries. We are a customer-centered company, and the client’s satisfaction is our only priority.

Turnaround time: Our turnaround time is 4-8 working days.

Shipping: Over a certain amount, we also offer free shipping to our amazing customers all around Australia.

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