Expected features of WordPress in 2020

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Expected features of WordPress

WordPress is a content management system software, which will let you create a website for different purposes. WordPress powers more than 30% of websites on the internet.

As it’s an open-source tool that increases the popularity of this tool. It contains several themes that will provide a front end to your site with eye-catching designs and looks. For many years, WordPress has been in the top for creating the website and blogs.

WordPress is not only well known for the business site but also suitable for eCommerce sites, portfolios, resumes, and many other types of websites. WordPress plugins are software that can be added to your websites and expand the features and functionality of any sites.

Both the best eCommerce WordPress theme and plugins are available in the free and premium version, and it’s your choice to decide what to opt for your sites. WordPress gives you the updates frequently that makes your site more advanced.


Expected features of WordPress


WordPress currently working on Gutenberg that will give you better writing and editing experience. The primary goal of Gutenberg is to provide a superior user experience.

It’s a new editor that will allow you to edit your content and post it with new features and functionality provided by Gutenberg. Gutenberg was in the early as plugins, and now it will launch as the core of the WordPress shortly.

The primary intention of Gutenberg is to eliminate the difference between what user experience and what web admin creates. Less time, more content, no coding are the salient features of the Gutenberg.

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Multilingual support

The majority of the best eCommerce WordPress theme is the translation ready. New updates in the future will give you more relations in the future. As WordPress is a globally accepted tool, so that theme and other products are going to be translation ready.

Undeniably, your free eCommerce WordPress themes are used by the people who understand different languages. In this case, your site must satisfy the requirements of the various languages.

Rest API

Another big deal in WordPress is the addition of the Rest API. It will give fierce competition to competitors. After adding Rest API in your site, WordPress does not remain the CMS, but it will become an application framework.

Rest API will allow developers to manage the content on other applications online. With the help of Rest API, developers can develop an android and iOS application on WordPress. Due to the above advantages of the Rest API, the developer will first choose this platform for developing the website.

Strong security

Security has always been a big significant concern for the developer and business owners. In WordPress, you can expect a better and secure environment for the website. WordPress is working on a project called Tide, an AI tool to verify that plugins and themes downloaded are correct.

However, it would help if you keep updating your password, install the SSL, and other security steps are also necessary. Security updates are always the predominant for any site as you need to secure the activity performed by the user. Like, transaction details, bank details, personal details, and other sensitive information.

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Top WordPress themes


Uniq is the best eCommerce WordPress Theme suitable for many eCommerce businesses. In this WooCommerce compatible WordPress themes, you can have six different homepage layouts to choose from for your site, and each has unique and creative designs.

The eye-catching features of these themes are full-width slider, video background, stylish icons, testimonial carousel, and many others. Through the advanced admin panel, you can perform tasks like change layouts, change colors, change the header and footer style, and almost all tasks to manage the whole site. 

Ztudio X

If you’re looking for a site related to photography, then you must opt for the Ztudio X. It satisfies all your requirements for any photography must include. Ztudio X is built using the GoodLayers drag and drop builder from that you can edit your free eCommerce WordPress themes.

Although you can start your site from ready-made scratch templates will save you time. You can avail of the 19 different header styles and advanced admin panel for your websites. Another critical point of this best eCommerce WordPress theme is 14 blog layouts, 9 portfolio layouts, 6 gallery layouts, search engine optimized, support, and many others.

eCommerce Gem

eCommerce Gem is a free eCommerce WordPress themes to launch your site quickly. Clean and contemporary layouts are the primary attraction of this site. Customers will surely appreciate this theme after the pleasant experience of your website.

So, if you’re looking to impress the customer, then there is no other better option than the eCommerce gem. When the user browses your site, they will appreciate the easy and quick access to the elements of the website. These WooCommerce compatible WordPress themes are perfectly suitable for shops like clothes, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, electronics shops, and many others.


Flash is a free eCommerce WordPress theme for creating beautiful websites. The theme comes with an associated plugin named Flash Toolkit, which is specially created to make the Flash theme more user-friendly and secure.

This WooCommerce compatible WordPress theme comes with features like responsive design, multiple blog layouts, various header styles, and page builder support. Flash is the easiest, flexible, rich feature and modern best eCommerce WordPress theme.


So Zakra is another free eCommerce WordPress theme for your online stores. Zakra is designed with the new WordPress 5.0 version. The primary features of Zakra are Lightweight, SEO friendly, color options, retina-ready, advanced typography, Accelerated mobile pages ready, and so on.

The setup process of the Zakra is easy and fast as it comes with sites like a business, lawyer, construction firm, mobile app, restaurant, education site, and many others. This WooCommerce compatible WordPress themes will help you to add the functionality of the shopping sites on your website like wallet, cart, payment. 

Wrapping up

Well, the popularity of WordPress is significant, and in the future also it will increase remarkably. While considering that point, WordPress will give updates in terms of features, plugins, and themes that would help to create a beautiful website.

Above mentioned reasons are enough to convince you that why eCommerce themes are essential while developing eCommerce websites. A combination of the best eCommerce WordPress theme and features to create a website will assist you in satisfying the requirement of the customer.

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