Embed Feeds From Instagram To Website – Best Tool and it’s Benefits

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Embed Feeds From Instagram To Website

Social media plays an important role in everybody’s life today by Embed Feeds From Instagram To Website. It is the medium people use to convey their opinions and views about things.

Using social media for the marketing of your brand can be a very profitable move on your part. It can not only help you spread the message across an enormous audience in one place, but it can help you generate social proof for your brand as well.

Amongst the various social media platforms, Instagram caters over 500 million users, making it one of the most popular social media platforms. Using Instagram for the marketing of your brand can be highly beneficial for you. There is no need to go for huge investments, embedding your Instagram feed on your website alone should be able to help your brand with a few important aspects.

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Why you should embed your Instagram feed to the website?

Embedding feeds from your Instagram to the website can be really propitious for your brand in many ways like:

  • Enhances user-engagement: Embedding your Instagram Feed on your website makes your website more attractive and innovative. People will try posting with your hashtag and account in order to get featured on your Instagram feed. This way, your user engagement can be enhanced.
  • Brand Awareness: The more people post about your brand, the more people will know. You can acquire new and loyal customers for your brand with the help of UGC.
  • Higher Sales and Conversion Rate: You will acquire new and loyal customers for your brand. Also, there are people who are already engaging with your brand. More people will definitely end up buying more, hence increasing the conversion rate.
  • Scope for Improvement: Once people start posting about your brand, it is not necessary that they will be posting positive comments only. There will be criticisms and negative comments, as well. This is the golden opportunity to seal the deal by improving the user experience. This gives you scope for improvement and gaining more loyal users.
  • Increases Brand Trust: When people see how you’re working for the users, they will definitely trust your brand more. Also, you can maintain transparency for your consumers with the feed. You just have to display all sorts of the posts you receive, may it be positive or negative.
  • Build a better Brand Value: People prefer brands that prioritize user-experience than profits. By embedding your Instagram feed, you can convince the masses that you are working for the people. This will automatically build better brand value for your brand.

How can you embed your Instagram feed to your website?

Taggbox is a UGC platform and social media aggregator tool that pulls in content from multiple social media platforms and collects them at one location. It fetches the content through particular hashtags and accounts of your choice.

You can use this tool to display your social stories to the world. It can integrate content from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and many more.

Taggbox believes that UGC is the perfect tool for marketing your brand. With the use of UGC, you can get a higher conversion rate and new loyal buyers as well. Therefore, it has designed the tool perfectly to integrate UGC with your feed.

Taggbox provides you with some amazing features to create the best Instagram Feed for your website. Some of the features are:

  • Personalization Panel: This panel provides you with many options for customizing and curating your feed’s look like multiple themes, fonts, backgrounds, colors, etc. You can easily design your feed as you want it to be.
  • Moderation Panel: This panel empowers you to sieve out the content you do not want to display in your feed. You can accept or reject the posts you want to show on your feed.
  • Analytics: This feature lets you generate reports for the performance of your feed. By analyzing and studying those reports, you can understand how the users are reacting to your feed and plan what you can improve.
  • Display: It gives you the ability to display your feed on any size screen, may it be cellphones, laptops, projectors, or jumbotrons. It has a responsive design and fits any size screen automatically.
  • Real-time: It functions in real-time. They automatically keep pulling content constantly to provide the latest and dynamic posts for the feed. 

Once you’ve set up your feed and account, you can generate an embed code and paste it on your website code. After this, you’re good to go.

Over to you

Embed your Instagram Feed with Taggbox for the most beautiful and easy-to-use Instagram feed. This can not only help you with the aesthetic aspect of your website but also help you gain new customers and higher sales. 

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