Brief history of web hosting Services

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Any Web hosting allows individual, companies, and organizations to form their website accessible via the world wide web. A hosting provider allocates space on an internet server for an internet site to store its file for hosting an internet site.

Mainly web hosts are companies who rent our their services and technologies to host website. If companies host websites, and users can access them by typing their web address in their browser.

The Internet has created many opportunities for business and knowledge gathering. Web hosting is a service that has allowed people to distribute content and communicate with one another.

The history of web hosting is extremely interesting, and it’s quite a long process since 1962. In 1962 J.C.R. Licklider at MIT wrote a series of articles where he visualized a Galactic Network concept supported the thought of a series of worldwide interconnected computers where information and resources might be accessed from any site. While heading ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency), the pc Sciences program at MIT, he convinced his successors about the importance of computer networking. In 1973, the Internet began as two European organizations are ready to hook up with ARPANET, the US defense department’s predecessor to the web.


Telenet becomes the primary ISP by providing a version of ARPANET for public Network solutions founded in 1979. Network solution eventually becomes the primary company to handle the name system (DNS) ARPANET begins using the web protocol suite,pr TCP/IP, which still uses today

From 1983 to 1990, many updates happen in web hosting. The DNS system introduced, the primary domain registered, 30000 hosts on Internet,1&1 internet is founded most significantly Tim Berners -Lse develops World wide web.

In 1995, GeoCities offered 1 MB of web space, while Angelfire offered 35 kilobytes. In 2002, HostGator was founded during a Florida Atlantic University dormitory with three servers. In 2008, the typical web host’s storage was 171,000MB, consistent with stats from 2011. There were 2.1 billion users on the online By 2015, 50 percent of Integration as a Service will be used as an embedded feature of other IT offerings.

Today web hosting is reasonable, accessible, and convenient for contemporary users. But it’s becoming essential for a business to possess an internet site. More hosting platforms have appeared with a spread of package options, and hosting your server has become more reasonable of an option.

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