Web Hosting Service Vs Domain Name service 

Web Hosting Service Vs Domain Name service 

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Difference between Web Hosting Service and a Domain Name service 

Why need a Domain Name Service? 

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The website needs a domain name to be searchable on the internet, like your website’s address that anyone types in the web browser’s URL to find your site.

In other words, if your website is your house, then to find your house, you need a domain name as your home address.


Now go into the detailed explanation of the Domain Name service.

The global internet is primarily a large mesh of computers connected to every other computer through a wired or wireless antenna network. Each computer or server has a unique set of numbers known as the IP address of that computer.

To explain further IP address is a unique set of numbers separated by dots. For example, an IP address of a computer looks like this:

Please do not worry about remembering their numbers because computers can easily recognize them without any problem and even identify another computer. But humans unable to remember these numbers when we try to connect to a computer to search websites on the internet.

Domain names solved this problem.

A group of experts introduced a Domain name System know as DNS. DNSrelate these numbers to a domain name, which can have letters that make it very simple and easy to search a website addresses on the internet from anywhere over the internet.

With the help of a Domain name, anyone can visit a website by just typing the website name. Domain name nothing but a registered name for the site. This name is redirecting to an IP address of a computer where the website files are stored on the internet. So you don’t need to type a set of numbers. Instead, we can type an easy-to-remember domain name, for example, bluehillhosting.com.

Why we need Web Hosting?

Web hosting service is a web service to give a place on a server where all the website images and files can be stored — and made available when requested by an online user. In other words, it is the home of your blog or personal website where it lives and stores files.

A perfect way to understand web hosting is assuming the domain name is your home’s address, then web hosting is the actual home that addresses help to locate. In this way, all online sites on the web need secure web hosting.

Whenever anyone enters your domain name in a computer browser, then that domain name is redirected to an IP address of your web hosting company’s server computer. The computer stores website files, and the information stored in those files transmitted back to the online web browser. And the website is available to the online visitor searching for your website using your website domain name through internet browsers.


The web hosting provider’s servers are designed for storing and serving websites to internet users. These website hosting companies offer many web hosting plans to host websites as per their customer’s needs. Check out our other article on web hosting to learn more about selecting the right hosting for your website needs.

Why Are Web hosting and Domain names Related?

Web hosting and Domain names are two separate services. Still, they are dependent on each other to make websites work.

Primarily, a domain name system is like a large address register that is continuously updated every second. This web name server registrar keeps track of each domain name for their IP address and redirects to the web hosting service computer storing the website files.

Without actual domain names, no one can search for any website on the internet. And without a hosting web service, no one can build a website because you need storage space on a computer with a webserver to connect to the internet and online users. 

Checklist for Building a Website? 

Web Hosting or Domain Name?

How to build a website?

To build any website, you need to have a reliable web hosting service and a domain name registered for your website.

Also, just purchasing a domain name alone provides you the license to use that distinct domain name for a particular time (usually one year).

You require web hosting to save your website’s data. After you get hosting, you need to update your domain name settings and point it to your web hosting service provider.

You can also purchase both the domain and hosting from the same organization. Typically a domain name costs $9.99 / year, and web hosting generally requires $4.99/mon.

If you are creating your first blog site, then this may seem like a lot.

Thankfully, BluehillHosting.com offers a one-click WordPress solution at very affordable prices and provides domain names with 100’s domain extensions at meager prices. 

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Once you have obtained hosting and registered your domain name, you can start creating your website

For full step by step instructions, see our guide on 

How to make a website?

Do I have to purchase them together? 

Or can I purchase them individually?

You can purchase a web hosting service and a domain name from two separate organizations. But, in that case, you will have to point your domain name to your web hosting company by updating its DNS settings.

If you purchase your web hosting service and a domain name from the same organization, you will not have to modify domain name settings.

It is also much simpler to maintain and renew both services under the same dashboard.

If you want to purchase domain names separately, you can do so from the providers like Godaddy, NameCheap, and Bluehillhosting.com. Bluehillhosting.com is one of the domain name providers offering 100’s of domain extensions at the lowest prices. 

Can I Transfer My Domain Name to a Different Company?

Moving domain name

Certainly, you reserve the right to use it and transfer it wherever you want.

For example, let’s say you bought your domain name from any hosting company and purchased your hosting from us (Bluehillhosting.com) now if you want to move your existing domain name to Bluehillhosting.com for easy administration and renewal. 

You can, On the Bluehillhosting.com website, all steps are mentioned step by step as a guide that anyone can follow to complete the domain transfer in a few minutes.

Important Note: We suggest you must wait at least 45 days following any registration or renewal to start your transfer. The international organization that supervises domain names, needs a one-year renewal whenever a new domain transfer gets started. By transferring any domain name before that period, you could waste that year’s renewal fee. So be careful.

Can I Move My Website to Different Web Hosting Company Without Switching Domain?

Indeed, you can do this entirely if you own a domain name and can modify its DNS settings to point it to a new web hosting provider name servers.

For example, you bought a domain name from Bluehillhosting.com and web hosting from somewhere else. And now, you want to switch your hosting web service to Bluehillhosting.com. 

In the first step, you need to move your site files from the existing hosting company to Bluehillhosting.com by moving all files and data using our file manager available through our cPanel control dashboard or using FTP client. Detailed instructions can found in our how-to guide for Switching your hosting service. 

Next step, you need to edit your DNS settings by updating your name servers to Bluehillhosting.com name servers instead of your old hosting provider name servers.

We expect this article assisted you in learning the difference between a web hosting service and a domain name. You may further want to see our comparison of modern website builders for newcomers with pros and cons.

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