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Want to improve the descriptions on YouTube? Well-written descriptions can help to enhance your channel visibility, subscribers, views, and watch time whether you’re making a YouTube video or channel description. Additionally, since there are billions of videos watched on YouTube every day, descriptions may increase your chance of being found by the algorithm.

Continue reading to learn about the various YouTube video descriptions and how to create the most effective channel and video descriptions.

  • What is a description on YouTube?
  • What sets a YouTube channel apart from a video description?
  • Writing effective YouTube descriptions
  • making a template for the description of a YouTube video
  • the best way to describe a YouTube video
  • Adding a description to your YouTube channel: Steps
  • A lot of people have questions

What is a description on YouTube?

A YouTube description gives subscribers and visitors information about your channel or uploaded video. There are two sorts of descriptions on YouTube:

  • channel descriptions on YouTube
  • video descriptions on YouTube

What sets a YouTube channel apart from a video description?

It’s simple to mix up the descriptions of YouTube channels and videos. A video description highlights what is in the specific YouTube video, whereas a channel description explains what the YouTube channel is all about.

Channel description for YouTube 

A YouTube channel description can be seen on the About tab on the channel’s home page for subscribers and viewers. Typical language used in YouTube channel descriptions is

  • Regarding the channel
  • The genre or style of the work
  • What subscribers and viewers can anticipate
  • a publication timetable for videos
  • Instagram handles
  • URLs to websites
  • Important information

Video descriptions on YouTube

Below each of your videos on YouTube is text called a video description. By selecting the ‘See more’ link located under the video, viewers can read the descriptions of YouTube videos. Typically found in these video descriptions are:

  • a succinct description of the video’s subject matter with pertinent keywords
  • Any resources listed in the video that have links
  • linked affiliate
  • URLs to websites
  • Instagram handles
  • Invite the audience to subscribe
  • Time stamps and chapters

Writing effective YouTube descriptions

When your YouTube descriptions contain all the necessary components, such as informative content, links, buttons, and timestamps, viewers are more likely to find your videos, which will improve your number of subscribers, views, and other metrics.

1. Perform a keyword search

Always be sure to include 1-2 pertinent keywords in the descriptions of your YouTube videos as well as your channel. Repeat your keyword(s) at least 2-3 times. This can help your channel be found by brands and assist viewers attain greater search volumes in the YouTube algorithm. You can include these words in your YouTube tags as well.

If you’re not sure where to look for keywords for your YouTube channel, look at what’s working for your rivals. You can also use resources like Google Trends and the AdWords Keyword Planner.

2. Make descriptions succinct and concise

A lengthy YouTube description may not always be read by viewers, subscribers, or brands. Both the description of a YouTube video and the description of a YouTube channel can contain up to 5000 characters, or around 800 words. For higher click-through rates, we advise concentrating on the first 125 characters to draw readers’ attention above the fold.

3. Recognise your audience

Write your YouTube descriptions in language that your viewers can relate to and understand. Avoid writing click-bait and make sure you’re not just writing for YouTube’s algorithm. Viewers can be engaged and a brand’s legitimacy can be created by personalising descriptions in a “human” voice.

4. Incorporate a compelling call to action

A call to action should always be present in YouTube descriptions. Encourage your audience to read more, leave comments, and subscribe. For viewers to click, you can also include affiliate links, social media handles, further videos, and website connections. The easier it is for users to access your YouTube descriptions, the more likely it is that they will click through.

5. Making a template for the description of a YouTube video

Start with a default description template if you’ve never written a YouTube description before. Setting up a default description will allow you to add settings, categories, titles, and basic metadata to each video’s description automatically. By doing this, you’ll avoid repeating details like your social media connections and saving time. For the best results, make sure to make each video description new and different (particularly those first three sentences).

The best way to describe a YouTube video 

Step 1: In YouTube Studio, select the Content tab. 

Click the Content tab in the left sidebar of YouTube Studio. Next, select the YouTube video to which you want to add a description.

Step 2: Type a description for your video. 

On the Details tab, click. Enter the description of your YouTube video in the box labelled “Description.”

Step 3: Save the video.

When you are satisfied with the description of your video, press the Save button.

Adding a description to your YouTube channel

Step 1: Open YouTube Studio and select the Customization tab.

Click the Customization button in the left sidebar of YouTube Studio.

Step 2: Select the tab for Basic details.

Step 3: Type the description of your channel.

Write the description of your YouTube channel in the description field. To publish your description, click the Publish button once you are satisfied with it.

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