How Can I Remove Attachments From a PST File?

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Introduction: In Microsoft Outlook, PST (Personal Storage Table) files are frequently used to store calendars, contacts, emails, and other types of data. You can easily manage and back up your Outlook data using these files. Important information can occasionally be found in attachments. These attachments must be downloaded by users. We’ll talk about both automatic and manual methods for extracting attachments from PST files in this blog.

Efficient Resolution: Utilize DataVare PST Attachment Extractor to obtain every attachment simultaneously. You can extract attachments from several different file types, including PST and OST with this utility.

Motivation for Removing Attachments from PST Files

There are several benefits to extracting attachments from PST files, some of which are listed below:

•    Space Management: PST files have the potential to increase dramatically in size over time, particularly if they include a lot of email attachments. By releasing space from the PST file, extracting attachments lowers the chance of corruption and enhances Outlook’s overall speed.
•    Backup and Archiving: You can make autonomous backups or archives of significant attachments by removing them from PST files. This guarantees that you will be able to retrieve the important attachments even if the PST file becomes corrupted or unusable.
•    Organization of Attachments: Better organization and simpler access are made possible by saving attachments outside of emails. Attachments can be categorized by sender or topic, which makes it easier to locate specific files when needed.
•    Better Search ability: It is simpler to look for specific material inside attachments when they are saved as free files. When you need to find information inside of papers, spreadsheets, or presentations, this is quite helpful.
•    Collaboration and Sharing: Without having to send the complete PST file, extracted attachments can be quickly shared with co-workers or other collaborators. This improves teamwork and guarantees that only pertinent data is shared.
•    Security and Privacy: PST files can occasionally include private or sensitive attachments. By extracting these attachments, you lower the possibility of unwanted access by securing them freely with the proper access restrictions.


How Can I Manually Download Attachments from PST?

An integrated feature of Outlook allows you to extract attachments from emails stored in a PST file. Here’s how to accomplish it:

1. Launch Outlook on Microsoft.
2. Select the “File” tab located in the window’s upper left corner.
3. After choosing “Open & Export,” select “Open Outlook Data File.”
4. Locate your PST file and choose it by clicking on “Open.”
5. The PST file’s contents are visible in the folder list after it has been added to your Outlook profile.
6. Open the folder where the emails with attachments that you wish to extract are located.
7. Right-click on the email message or messages that contain attachments.
8. Provisional on the version of Outlook you have, select “Save As” or “Save Attachments” from the context menu.
9. After choosing the location on your PC where you wish to keep the attachments, click “OK.”

Outlook will save the attachments to the designated location on your computer after extracting them from the chosen email messages.

How Can I Instantly Export Attachments from PST?

The manual extraction procedure might take a long time if you have a lot of emails with attachments to handle. In these situations, you can extract attachments in bulk or automate the extraction process based on predetermined criteria by using third-party software such as DataVare PST Attachment Extractor. You can extract several other email accounts with this tool. You can use the Software to save just the necessary attachments from a PST file. Using only a few clicks, you can remove attachments using its free version.

Here are the steps of this software: 

•    Download the DataVare PST Attachment Extractor Software on your system.
•    Once launched, click the “browse” button to add PST and OST files.
•    Select the type of attachment where you wish to extract your Outlook files.
•    Check on the Box and remove your Duplicate Attachments on PST files.
•    Select the destination path and click the Browse button.
•    Now, hit the Process Now button.

To sum up

One important tip for effectively managing your Outlook data is to learn how to extract attachments from PST files. To avoid any possible data loss, always make sure you have a backup of your original PST file, regardless of whether you decide to use third-party software for more sophisticated extraction choices or the built-in Outlook solution.

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