Avoid These 10 Huge YouTube Mistakes in 2023 [Updated]

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A large audience may be reached and revenue streams can be developed using YouTube. However, a lot of rookie YouTubers make serious errors that stop them from receiving YouTube views. I’ll list my top ten YouTube blunders to avoid in 2023 in this article.

Why should you read me?

I started off on YouTube and made the same errors. However, I immediately adapted and modified my methods for expanding the YouTube channel. And as of the time I wrote this essay, I had over 723,000 subscribers and millions of views.

With that said, let’s get started with the list of major YouTube mistakes that new YouTubers frequently make.

10 MASSIVE YouTube Mistakes to Avoid in 2023

YouTube is evolving quickly, so make sure you follow my YouTube channel to stay informed about changes to the YouTube algorithm.


Watch this video where I discuss the faults brand-new YouTubers make that prohibit them from receiving YouTube views.

1. Not Making Use of the Appealing Custom Thumbnail

When viewers come upon your video, the thumbnail is what they see first. So, each time you publish a new video, you must use a visually appealing custom thumbnail.

Make a thumbnail that is appealing by making sure that it is:

  • Easy to understand and see.
  • The proper colours and large wording.
  • relating to the video’s subject.
  • provoking curiosity.

You can make an eye-catching thumbnail for your YouTube videos by using websites like Canva or PicMonkey.

Run an A/B split test on TubeBuddy, an all-in-one YouTube marketing tool, as well. Additionally, it determines which thumbnail is most effective for your YouTube channel.

When two thumbnails are uploaded, TubeBuddy will begin rotating them. Additionally, based on how well your video is doing, it will suggest the perfect thumbnail for it.

Isn’t that wonderful?

2. Not optimising your YouTube video’s title

Videos are ranked on YouTube using an algorithm. The programme also keeps track of user behaviour. Your YouTube rankings rise in direct proportion to the number of clicks and views your video receives.

You need people to click on your videos in order for them to be viewed. And in order to do that, you need to use a clever title to catch their interest. I used the word “smart” instead of “clickbait.” Spam should never be tolerated!

One of the most crucial YouTube ranking variables is your title. So, you must check the optimisation of your titles.

To improve the title of your YouTube video: 

  • Keep it to 60 characters or less.
  • Include the keyword(s) you want to target.
  • To make your title stand out, use brackets and numbers.
  • Make sure it’s clickable. Establish a sense of urgency.

How do you pique readers’ attention in your title without coming across as spammy or clickbait?

For That, Here’s a Pro Tip:

Create a title that isn’t too traditional or generic, nor is it overtly clickbait.

For instance, the video “1 Hack That Will Double Your Website Traffic and Revenue” explains how to create a forum with one million monthly page views.

The title of my video is attention-grabbing but fulfils its promise.

Do you understand it?

Using the free H-Supertools YouTube Title Generator is the greatest approach to create the best title. You can use the tool to get free title suggestions for your YouTube videos. As an alternative, you can make use of VidIQ’s title maker.

Do not forget to create two distinct titles for your videos and compare them using TubeBuddy. Alternatively, you can achieve this by using the VidIQ title generator:

You may always use this free YouTube Keyword Tool to find the right keywords. Alternately, you can select one of the top YouTube keyword tools. Make sure the YouTube video title has at least one keyword, no matter which tool you choose.

That gets us to the following error.

3. Failing to Come Up With a Good Video Idea

Everything is an idea. You won’t succeed if you don’t have the correct concept for your YouTube videos. You’ll note that I said “right” instead of “perfect” or “great.” One of the biggest YouTube blunders to avoid is that.

Start with an area of interest to you.

Additionally, create films based on the queries people are entering into YouTube. Visit YouTube Keyword Tool and begin looking for the appropriate keywords if you’re unclear of the best ones to utilise.

The H-Supertools YouTube Keyword Tool can help you come up with the greatest concepts for your YouTube videos.

It is FREE and simple to use the tool. You can employ it for:

  • Invent ideas for videos.
  • Your YouTube videos should be optimised for the right keywords.
  • Learn the relevant terms that viewers of your type of videos use.
  • Examine the volume of the keywords and the expected difficulty to rank.

A Pro Tip

You need to swiftly cash in on the trends if you want to rule your niche on YouTube. You should create videos, for instance, if a new game is out and people are talking about it.

These four websites can help you discover hot subjects in your industry:

  • ProductHunt
  • AppSumo
  • ExplodingTopics
  • Trends on Google

4. Desperately pleading for YouTube subscribers

One of the biggest mistakes I see individuals making on YouTube is this. The entire video is devoted to soliciting subscriptions. Not just new YouTubers, though. I notice popular YouTube channels making this error.

If you keep requesting it in every video, viewers will become irritated and click the unsubscribe button. YouTube will then move your content down if it occurs.

I understand your desire for subscribers to your channel.

Take a cue from the Film Booth YouTube channel. He excels in requesting YouTube subscribers and likes in original, useful, and creative ways. Watch his video, for instance, in which he discusses YouTube blunders that prevent growth:

If you provide your audience with something worthwhile, keep in mind that they will subscribe to your channel whether or not you ask them to.

5. Ignoring Your Old YouTube Videos

The ideal video on the subject has been produced by you. And you adjusted your optimisation accordingly. What’s next?

No, hold on.

You need to maintain optimising your older videos if you want to keep your videos at the top of Google and YouTube. Make adjustments to the title, thumbnail, descriptions, and other areas.

It’s crucial to promote your films to YouTube users and the search algorithm.

I frequently modify my films and add fresh transcripts, annotations, and notes with the aid of TubeBuddy. I also pay close attention to my video’s SEO rating so I can raise it.

6. Not utilising other traffic sources to increase views

Even if you’re just starting out on YouTube and have no other traffic sources, it’s one of the major YouTube blunders to avoid. On YouTube and other sites, you can steadily grow your audience.

If your YouTube videos are brand-new, I advise sharing them as soon as you can. By doing this, your videos will be discovered by the YouTube algorithm and displayed to more users. Promote your YouTube content by:

  • Notification through Push
  • Its Blog
  • Pins on Pinterest
  • Publication tools like Medium
  • Q&A websites such as Quora
  •  Every Social Media Site

I observe a sizable increase in views and interaction in a shorter period of time when I drive traffic to my YouTube videos before the platforms do.

7. Failing to review video analytics and adjust optimisation

I cannot emphasise enough how crucial it is to evaluate the performance of your YouTube videos. The video analytics can help you make wise decisions.

In your YouTube video statistics, be careful to look for the following things:

  • Observe Time
  • Retention of audience
  • CTR, or click-through rate
  • Shares and Comments Total

The list keeps on. Do more of what suits you the best, and vice versa.

Observe this Pro Tip:

See your video’s introduction and other crucial sections. And if necessary, crop or clip a small portion of the video. You want viewers to watch your video all the way through. Make sure you don’t lose them in the start or in the middle.

8. Not completing your script

After coming up with the concept, you begin filming it. One of the major errors that brand-new YouTubers commit is that.

The likelihood is that, if you don’t have a script for your YouTube videos:

  • go on and on without purpose.
  • During the middle of your video, forget what to say.
  • It doesn’t sound authentic or natural.

Additionally, your videos will be useless and terrible. To prevent this,

  • On your script, progress gradually.
  • Focus on the first thirty seconds of your video.
  • Be honest! Also, avoid using a pointless intro in your videos.
  • The quality of your editing will determine how well your videos turn out.
  • Improve your sound. People watch videos for that reason.
  • Aim to move yourself, the items, and the angles.

You can edit without expensive software or specialised knowledge. You merely need to use Camtasia; it is straightforward and effective. You can cut a lot of time off of the editing and filming of your YouTube videos by having a script in place.

9. Respecting the User’s Time by Not Adding TimeStamps or Video Chapters

The retention rate of your YouTube videos must be raised. The proportion of viewers that stick with your video to the end is known as the retention rate. You should concentrate on video chapters and timestamps in addition to other things.

On YouTube, timestamps are clickable links to particular segments of your video. They can be included in the YouTube video’s description.

And the segments of your YouTube video are known as video chapters. By selecting “add chapters” from the menu that appears when you pick “more” under your movie, you can add them. This is how you do it:

You are putting more value on your users’ time by including timestamps in your movies. Users can rapidly skip to the section of the video they want to see without watching the whole thing thanks to this feature.

10. Not Attending to YouTube SEO

Last but not least, failing to follow the recommended procedures for YouTube SEO is one of the worst blunders to avoid.

On sometimes, people post videos that haven’t been adequately optimised for YouTube’s algorithm and audience. To drive organic traffic to your videos, you must concentrate on the key SEO components.

You can do the following things to optimise your YouTube videos:

  1. Find keyword suggestions on YouTube.
  2. Make your titles evocative and keyword-rich.
  3. Your videos should have transcripts.
  4. Make captivating thumbnails.
  5. Decide which category best fits your videos.
  6. Your videos should include the necessary hashtags and tags.
  7. To organise your videos, use playlists.
  8. Streamline the channel page.
  9. Create engaging videos.

These are some of the fundamentals you must remember when it comes to YouTube SEO.

By properly promoting your YouTube videos, you may increase your viewers’ viewing, interaction, and subscription rates.

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