Why is Plain Cigarette Boxes Packaging Beneficial for Health?

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Cigarette Box Package Manufacturing:

Marketing and advertising features of cigarette boxes and printing health warnings will decrease the demand for cigarettes. Cigarette demand is growing among youngsters and a new generation.

Despite being very deadly for health, smokers’ numbers in increasing. Smoking has become a status symbol over the years. Smokers flaunt their favorite brands when they are among their social circle.

Advertising cigarettes brand is banned all around the world therefore tobacco companies rely on the cigarette packaging boxes to advertise their nicotine bars and attract customers to their products.

Unique boxes are used to build brand identity and brand loyalty. Cigarette boxes work as a valuable communication tool between the brand and customers.


Technological advancements have enabled brands to manufacture packaging that will lure customers to try the products.

If we look a few years back governments have started to think about improving public health all across the world. Many countries have imposed a ban on using custom packaging boxes for cigarettes.

Policymakers now require cigarette brands to use plain packaging and warnings on boxes for cigarettes. Attractive packaging can enhance the brand appeal, market share, sales, and customer interest.

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What is Plain Cigarette Packaging?

Plain cigarette packaging boxes having an only brand name, standard color, and background. Plain packaging requires the removal of all brand logos, names, and trademarks.

Plain packaging would only have government permitted information such as health warnings and grotesque pictures. The government believes that removing promotional.

Look below at some vital elements of plain packaging:

  • Packaging must have a plain color like white/brown
  • Color should be unattractive
  • The packaging box should be of standard size and shape.
  • Health warnings must remain on packaging
  • Brand name and product quantity can appear but in an unattractive way
  • No logos, branding slogans or any other promotional elements are allowed on the packaging.

Is Cigarette Box Packaging Really Effective?

The packaging is the first touchpoint between the customer and the products. Bright and attractive packaging attracts customers to check the products.

Packaging, in short, is a simple way to market, advertise and promote the brand’s products. When we talk about tobacco products, attractive packaging might distract the customer’s brain from health warnings.

In many countries where tobacco advertising is restricted or banned, packaging plays a major role in promoting tobacco products.

Customer product brags their favorite brand package in front of others which works as an invitation to non-smokers to try the nicotine bar.

Many customers perceive that branded tobacco products might be less harmful. Many tobacco brands use luring packaging boxes to distract the customer’s attention from the side effects of cigarettes and maintain their addiction.

If the cigarette packaging is really ineffective then why would big brands and companies spend so much on custom cigarette boxes?

Companies are well aware of different market segments and consumers preference therefore they create packaging which can grab every onlooker’s attention.

Furthermore, if plain packaging doesn’t reduce the smoker’s rate then why companies are fighting expensive legal battles to prevent the implementation of plain packaging.

How Plain Cigarette Box Packaging Works:

According to research conducted by the University of Sterling, health warning on plain packaging has more impact on smokers than those on custom branded packs. The term plain packaging was used by Australians as they were the first ones to ban attractive cigarette boxes.

Plain packaging is actually not plain as they retain health warnings. These are called plain because they lack any custom design, color, and style.

The only reason for plain packaging legislation implementation is that it refrains smokers from smoking by changing smoking habits and attitudes. The warnings reduce the overall demand for cigarettes.

Plain packaging works according to the following mentioned points.

Reduces the Appeal of Tobacco Products: 

Cigarette boxes having plain packaging look boring and health warnings are more visible. Plain packaging has a greater impact on young people.

According to a research in the northeast, it was found that almost 60% smokers found plain packaging less attractive, 51% noticed the health warning for the first due, 29% even prompted about leaving the brand and 29% wished they wouldn’t have smoked after looking at the images and warnings.

Many smokers consider plain packaging to be substandard and thought the packed products are of Lower quality so they won’t taste good. Plain packaging is considered as less stylish and used by low-class people.

Makes Health Warnings More Prominent:

Research shows that the health warnings appear bigger on plain packaging which helps smokers to quit smoking. Many tobacco brands used attractive packaging in the past to undermine the impact of health warnings on customers.

Plain packaging reduces the impact of attractive packaging and reduced the cigarette manufacturers’ ability to mislead the customers about harm cigarettes can cause to the body. Plain packaging brings health warnings to smoker’s minds and shows how effective it can be for your health when you quit smoking.

Stop False Associations:

Tobacco companies use a light color to give the impression that these products less nicotine and tar which is really not true. Customers buy such packs to satisfy their cigarette cravings and believe that the cigarettes are better in taste and have less tar.

Plain packaging stops the brands from fake associations. Plain packaging compels brands to not use packaging for promoting these health-destroying cigarettes.

Does Cigarette Box Packaging Really Work?

According to research, a tobacco seller started that he sales cigarettes only because of its demand from customers.

But after the implementation of plain packaging, many customers come just to say that they are planning to quit smoking as these plain packaging boxes with a health warning and scary images it’s no more enjoyable.

Plain packaging is effecting the tobacco industry by discouraging smokers to purchase more cigarettes. The glitzy and bright custom packaging boxes with logo can now no longer excite customers to try the cigarettes.

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