Types of Professionals in an Animation Studio

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Animation Professionals

It is assumed that animation is cool and exciting. However, you must know that the backstage story.

Behind the closed door, the magic is done with the assistance and guidance of the list of people, whom you will find in the Animation studio.

In this blog, you will explore more about these people, the work they do this will help you to understand whether you want to enter the industry or you want to know how the animation works.

As in an advertising agency, people are working in an office. Like every creative industry, the animation likes freelancers, and people are constantly joining and going out of assignments and studios.


In addition to the usual sales, advertising, HR, and accounting positions, the majority of tasks in a major studio are necessary:

Creative Director/Animation director:

While working in projects, it is assumed that the same individual plays all the positions related to direction.

There are huge studios that have three kinds of directors such as, animation director, director, and creative director.

While working for any project, they work together to make sure that the project is meeting the planning, budgeting needs of the production team. Moreover, it has the necessary qualities, styles, consistency, and professional aspects.

The directors (creative and animators) were usually working in animation. They gain experience in selecting, casting, and developing different animation teams before they start working.

After that, these teams are allowed to perform consistently and inconsistently.


Every video requires the narration or the story. The scriptwriters write these stories. In animation, creativity is required by the stories, not only by the theme.

During the production of animation, before the storyboarding stage, scriptwriters and editors are working closely with directors, productions team, and vocal talent.

Character developer/ designers:

This is indeed a task for talented people: create characters, often throughout the construction of a story, to contribute with designing the process that you get in animation.

Of course! You can draw many beautiful designs of character.

However, are they going to retain their essence when they live in an inch of life?

You have to look carefully to create distinct, interesting characters that can be controlled to the extent that animation requires.

Storyboard Artist:

Once your story is finalized, you are now required to show it in a visual formation so that the director and the related persons can easily get the idea of animation.

This team is responsible for drawing the scene frame by frame, with the exact looks of the animation, during the early stages of an animation’s life.

Through this step, the script or narration turns into the story. The process takes place in close relationship with the producer and the departments of the script and provides the first mockup to determine the plot, pacing, action, and structure make sense.


These are the foundation of any animation studio. They come in various combinations according to their form in animation.

These popular types of animation include 2D Virtual Animators, 2D hand-designed animators, 3D computer animators, and most common is the stop motion animators, this also includes assistant animators.

This assistant animator’s job is to help the main animator in their tasks.

The animators generate animation and visual effects using equipment like Autodesk Maya, Blender, Toon Boom Harmony, Adobe Animate, Dragon frame, etc. They handle everything related to the scenes and resources they use while keeping design and style constant.


The key task of re-assembling and rendering the final task is given to the compositors.

This is the complex task of all in this production task list. They make sure that the animation has

  • Correct color balance,
  • Correct motion blur,
  • Addition of subtraction of the shadows,
  • Check the levels for continuity and
  • Adding keys and roto-scoping wherever required.

Voice artist: 

These individuals will not be found many times in the studio. They will be hired for a specific project or sequence. In addition, they escorted their recording sessions into the sound-space.

Freelancers are popular here, there is a great range of VOA talents out there, and many studios appear to share them.

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