Tips to Become a Best Video Gamer

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If you want to be the best video gamer in the world of gaming, then here are few tips that shall make you the best video gamer.

Choose the right settings:

           If you lose the game, you cannot blame the faulty gear or wrong settings. You have to be good at choosing the right equipment and setting. Before practicing on any game, it is mandatory to check that the settings are optimized. It is essential because if settings are not optimized, then you shall have to relearn all the things during practice. The most important set of any game is the sensitivity of the mouse or joystick. Lower sensitivity is recommended in case of a focused and accurate aim. At the same time, higher sensitivity would make things difficult. Higher sensitivity is recommended when you are facing your opponent at a faster pace.

Choose the right gear:

           The right gear depends on the latency. Latency is defined as the delay between the time of taking action and the actual time when an action has taken place. This time difference can lead to your defeat in-game. Causes of latency include poor internet connection and the type of controller that you are using.

Poor internet connection:

           If you are passionate about video games, then it is recommended to use a wired internet connection instead of a wireless connection. This shall significantly reduce the latency.


Type of controllers:

           Latency can be reduced by using the wired controller, mouse, or keyboard.

Gaming headphones:

           Clear audio can potentially enhance your performance in the game. Gaming headphones enable you to listen to different sounds and identify their origin.

Game of interest:

It is better to choose one game that intrigues your interest. Utilize your time and energy by investing in one game that makes you enjoy while playing.

Gaming goals:

           Identify your goals while playing a game. Most people play games for three reasons:

To become an expert in the game:

If you want to become an expert in gaming, then seek the games having tournaments and prizes. You can compete in these games and can become a pro.

To impress the social circle:

If you want to impress, then you need to play those games which your friends are playing so that both have a sense of competition.

For streaming purpose:

You need to choose a game that is highly popular among the players. It would help if you played the game, which is trending high.

Time investment:

           If you want to become a good gamer, you need to invest your maximum time in it. This should be an intentional effort. People usually fail to achieve their goal in gaming because they are not good at time management. Dedicate quality time to gaming each day.

Improve mental fitness:

           Video gaming is all about mental sharpness leading to quick decision making. To play a video game, your mind must be focused. To improve the focus of your mind, do relaxing activities, including watching TV, movies, or surfing social media. An only a relaxed mind can perform best in video gaming.

Improve reflexes:

           If you want to be an expert in action video games, then you need to improve your hand-eye coordination. Reflexes play an important role in action video games, where winning is determined by the fats’ reaction and quick decision making.

Critical thinking skills:

           Video gaming is all about absorbing the current situation and analyzing the situation, then make a prudent decision after evaluating the solution critically. You need to develop your critical thinking skills in order to be the best in video gaming. Avoid making assumptions in the game. Your decision should not be based on assumptions.

Surround yourself with experts:

           If you are interested in a particular game, then seek out the people who are experts in that game. Research online about gamers who have spent thousands of hours practicing the game. If you want to learn, become a student of an expert gamer who has made their name in the gaming industry.


           Learn the strategies which are necessary to win the game. There are many tools that you can employ to enhance your strategy.


           If you feel you have improved in your game, you must watch the previous games by replaying them. You shall get to know the strengths you have achieved so far and the places which still need improvement.

Master your emotions:

           When you are passionate about gaming, the involvement of emotions is an obvious thing. You cannot deny emotions while playing the game. If you want to be the best in gaming, then you must learn the art of accepting the results of a game either in favor or against. It is the quality of a professional player to control his/her emotions, especially in the case when you have lost the game.

Communication skill:

           Online gaming plays a crucial role in the development of communication skills. If you have jumped to a team game, then initially, it shall be hard for you to interact with other players. It is recommended to play in the larger interest of the team rather than individual interest. Your interaction style matters a lot in ranking a game.

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