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Among other innovative social apps, Viber is one of the high-quality apps that facilitate users with instant messages and VoIP build in features.

When it comes to video and audio quality, many people prefer Viber over other smart social apps.

It protects user privacy, so many people prefer Viber over other social apps for sharing secret information with friends, family, or colleagues.

But Viber also has some drawbacks, like people start sharing sexual or harmful content freely as they think nobody is monitoring them.


Mostly teens get affected by it when they share their private things with unknown and other person tries to take advantage of this by threatening.

People want to protect their loved ones from such harmful situations.

Spy technology provides advanced technological solutions in the form of spy software that empowers the user to remotely and secretly track their people’s activities anytime.

These days, TOS software is popular among others because of its brilliant featured base Viber spy app.

Spying on Viber with TOS

TheOneSpy is an outstanding software that facilitates users with dynamic applications and with numerous features. All the features are to spy on a specific activity by performing multiple functions.

TOS works in stealth mode without any single movement that the user cannot detect it easily.

TOS Viber surveillance app empowers the user to monitor all activities of the targeted device Viber account live.

TOS also provides a separate app for working people, so they could record the targeted Viber activities when they are busy. Let’s discuss TOS 2 main solutions for spying on Viber.

  • TOS Viber Chat Spy App

TOS Viber chat spy app is specifically built to spy on conversations going on the targeted Viber account. It empowers the user to spy remotely on live conversations of a targeted person on their Viber.

In works in real-time, as when users send command of watching Viber live it immediately starts monitoring without any delay.

TOS Viber chat spy app empowers the user to:

  • Spy on all incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Monitor any chat with time and date.
  • Listen to voice messages of any chat.
  • Track all contacts added to the targeted Viber.

There can be diverse reasons when someone feels the need to spy on others. Parents can use the Viber chat spy app to spy on their kid’s conversation with friends or with the unknown.

Parents can monitor the tone of communication, shared material and voice messages as well. It empowers parents to prevent kids if they are bullying anyone or threatening.

Besides that, an employer can also spy on their employee conversations on Viber during working hours.

They can track their employees to know which sort of content they share or to make sure that employees are not wasting time in useless activities on Viber. So, the employer can prevent them from doing so.

It empowers the user to spy on all activities of targeted Viber and discover the secret activities of their targeted person.

Screen recorder is usually used by working people who cannot monitor their loved ones all day. So, TOS Viber screen recorder record activities by making short videos and automatically transferring videos to use cloud accounts.

TOS Viber screen recorder enables the user to:

  • Spy on all added, deleted, and blocked contacts.
  • Record all conversations with time and date.
  • Monitor logins of the targeted Viber account.
  • Listen to audio and videos call of a targeted person.

To record targeted Viber activities, a user just needs to get the subscription of a suitable plan and package according to compatibility.

After going through 3-minutes of the installation process, a user can start monitoring immediately by activating the feature.

Parents can record their children’s Viber activities and can detect if they have secret friends or if kids share any sexual content with the unknown.

Parents can use TOS legally as they are the guardians, and they have the right to monitor their kids all the time. Likewise, management can also record targeted employee activities on Viber and can monitor it daily, weekly or monthly.


We concluded that TOS Viber spying applications are the best tools to spy on the targeted Viber account.

Its dynamic functions are amazing to facilitate users efficiently and reliably. TOS will bring more advanced innovative features in the Viber spy app to facilitate users more conveniently.

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