The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Growth During the COVID-19 Recovery

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When the COVID-19 outbreak began, most small business owners had to close down for a couple of months, and economic activity drastically slowed. Although some companies have been able to resume normal operations, others, like gyms and bars, have had to remain closed in many areas. Even businesses that have reopened are struggling to match their pre-pandemic profits. These resources will help you test out tactics that will allow your business to grow during these tough times!

Boosting Sales

Plenty of people are still eager to shop and spend right now. These strategies will help you reach eager customers. 

  • Make sure that your regular customers know about sales, promotions, and important reopening info with a targeted email marketing campaign.
  • Create an e-commerce web store for your business to ensure that customers who aren’t ready to shop in person can access your products and services.
  • Research a variety of growth and adaptation strategies for the new era to decide which approach is best for your business. 

Update Your Retail Store


It’s been a while since customers walked through your doors, so you want to make a great first impression when they’re able to come back.

  • If you plan to reopen your physical retail space soon, make sure you deep clean every corner before welcoming customers back.
  • Give the walls of your store a fresh paint job – this inexpensive project will completely transform your shop’s aesthetic. 
  • Installing affordable carpet means you won’t have to mop your floors each day. Just grab a vacuum to clean!
  • Use low-cost decor and appealing color schemes to set up merchandise displays that will entice new customers.

Invest in Digital Upgrades

Technology has kept your business alive for the past few months. Now, find out which devices and software will help you keep growing.

  • Start publishing engaging articles about new developments at your company with a business blog.
  • Work with an experienced developer to create a helpful app that will allow customers to shop from their smartphones. 
  • By investing in the right inventory-tracking software, you’ll be able to cut costs where necessary and keep an eye on your supply levels at all times.

Many entrepreneurs have felt discouraged over the past few months, but the savviest business owners never give up. Instead, you can learn how to build a business that actually thrives in difficult economic circumstances. With guidance from these resources, you’ll be able to expand your business, despite the impact of the pandemic.

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