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As you know, having a website on the Internet is of no relevance if you do not position yourself in the top positions, that is: do SEM campaigns (pay Google) or do SEO.

A good SEO takes a while to act. It’s like when you start taking vitamins that you don’t see the results immediately. It is not possible to know the exact time to know when you will position yourself in the top positions.

It all depends on your competition and how well you do your job. What I can predict is that if you make an excellent web architecture, you combine it with good content (text with related keywords) and a blog with periodic updates, sooner or later you will see the results.

If you have not decided on the ideal content manager for your website, I recommend WordPress without a doubt because its structure is that it is best positioned in Google.


But of course, before choosing a freelance web designer or designing your own website (if you have design knowledge), you will have to have a clear idea of ​​the structure of your website for SEO. If you do not do it from the beginning, I assure you that you will not start on the right foot.

What is SEO architecture?

An SEO architecture is to define the keyword architecture that each page of your website will have to better position itself in search engines. It is not the same as a strategic architecture, where you will have to order the elements to enhance the Click To Action or the response of the users when they land on your website.

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The best SEO architecture for your WordPress in 5 steps:

1. Choose your main keyword

The main keyword is the one that defines your business and by which they will search you on Google. If you offer your services in a city, you should include the name of the city in your keyword, that is, “keyword that defines your business” + “city

This keyword will be the one that will position the home or start page.

2. Choose the secondary keywords that define your services.

A mistake made by many websites is that on one page, they talk about all their services. Each keyword must point to a page on your website. If each page has the same keyword or you put all your services on one page, search engines will interpret that you do not have enough information from your sector to offer services, so it will not position you well. In your business, you know better than anyone what services you offer apart from the main one. The more you provide, the more information you will give to the search engines, and the better they will position you.

In the main menu, after Start, you will have to put Services of “main keyword” and that a submenu is opened with each service titled by the secondary keyword that defines it, and that points to independent pages.

3. Do you have products?

Define keywords of your products. You can put Products before or after in your main menu, depending on the importance you want to give them. Make a submenu with separate pages with each product with their corresponding keywords.

4. Talk about yourself as a professional or your company.

On another page, choose another secondary keyword with the name of your company or define another keyword synonymous with the main keyword.

5. Keywords for the categories and tags of your blog.

The function of a blog is to position posts with phrases that your potential customers or target will look for. These phrases will be in the title of each post, and the content will reinforce your keywords through links and text. You will archive them as in a library by sections (categories) and subsections (labels). In the categories, you will have to put synonyms of all the keywords you have used on your website, or if you do not find synonyms, include the same ones that you have used.

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