Would Maximalism work with your website?

A lot of us have become adjusted to minimalist web design. But there is a problem with this idea. Though this idea says more with less and creates a visual style through using a minimal number of elements strategically, minimalism does not work for everyone. Main points of minimalist web design are as under: • […]

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Which SEO Techniques are Good or Bad

SEO Techniques White Hat SEO Search Engine Algorithms White Hat SEO is required to make your website visible in the search engine. Try to get an white hat SEO optimized web hosting and to establish your online presence on the web. The web site owners needs to optimize the web pages based on the keywords searched on […]

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How to speedup your website using Lazy Loading

Speedup your Website As you know we offer not just the cheapest Domain Name hosting per year and cheapest Domain names, but also try to educate our customers about the new trends and technologies introduced on time to time. There is another term you may have heard Lazy Loading, its related to the web site […]

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