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The applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) have not stopped growing in recent years, and it is expected that they will continue to do so even more in the coming decades.

Today the robotics and e-learning sectors are at the forefront of AI investment. However, there is a significant training deficit around these job opportunities. More and more students are betting on studying Computer Engineering to become, later, experts in Artificial Intelligence.

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Computer Engineering and ICTs 

Today, 9 out of 10 computer engineers work in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). And, in the ICT field, the sectors that are growing the most are research, computing centers, telecommunications, software and hardware companies, or computer consultancies.


Computer engineering occupies a prominent place in terms of career opportunities within STEM degrees (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). Despite the fact that, sometimes, Artificial Intelligence remains in a discreet background, in a short time, its impact is so present that it is completely changing the relationship of men with technology, even in their daily life. There is even the concern of whether artificial intelligence will pose a threat to new jobs and jobs.

Software development experts 

Studying Computer Engineering is a good first step to train as an AI engineer. But it’s not enough. For this, it is essential to hone a series of technical skills. These professionals are not only outstanding in programming, but also experts in software development techniques and practices.

They must dominate areas such as statistics and mathematics; Machine Learning, electronics, and robotics; Deep Learning; UNRWA, design patterns; software development, or modularity lifecycles. Along with this technical knowledge, you must have skills such as creative thinking, the ability to solve problems analytically, communication skills, and progressive knowledge of the industry.

The necessary technical skills

In the roadmap of how to become an Artificial Intelligence Engineer, you need to acquire certain technical skills. After studying Computer Engineering, you need to acquire or deepen in the following areas :

  • Programming languages ​​(R / Java / Python / C ++). Mastering programming languages, even beyond Python, is as important as being familiar with algorithm management.
  • Calculus, algebra, and linear statistics. Vectors, matrices, integrals … All this is part of the day to day of the experts in Artificial Intelligence.
  • Neural network architectures. AI functions, such as image classification, translation, or voice recognition, are based on the same operation as a neural network.
  • Mathematics and applied algorithms.
  • Language processing and neurolinguistic programming (NLP). Natural language processing algorithms are increasingly used in AI, such as searching for information in large volumes of unstructured information.
  • Excellent wages and working conditions
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