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The story of vibrant and exotic Rihanna began in the Caribbean. Her unique voice and her own style, in which R’n’B, pop and reggae harmoniously merged, are now unmistakably recognized by everyone. And the total number of songs leading in America’s official charts could even move pop diva Madonna. Rihanna is not only a famous singer but also an actress and designer.


Rihanna Biography, better known in her youth as Robin (full name: Rihanna Robin Fenty), was born where many people dream of being – on hot Barbados with the azure coast and measured rhythms of reggae. Her childhood passed in the usual area, which the girl described as “not the richest, but not the poorest.” His father, Ronald Fenty, was a warehouse worker, and his mother, Monica Brathwaite, worked as an accountant. She inherited from them Afro-Barbados, Afro-Guyanese, and Irish roots. The girl has two younger brothers: Rory and Rajab, as well as two brothers and two sisters born in her father’s previous relationships (all from different mothers). Rihanna’s father was a man with a difficult character. The windy, aggressive man who loves to drink often beat his wife. The singer recalled how, once, trying to separate her parents, she made a “rose” out of a bottle and stood between them – the only way her requests to calm down acted. Subsequently, Ronald became seriously addicted to crack. This was the last straw – Monica filed for divorce. Not even, perhaps the most powerful. Although it cannot be said that her childhood memories of her father are purely negative. It was Ronald who taught her to swim and ride a bicycle. After the divorce, the responsibilities of the upbringing of the 3-year-old brother Rajad fell on the shoulders of 9-year-old Rihanna. The star recalled. Rihanna found an outlet from family problems in music and dancing. She was addicted to creativity and the stage from an early age, as evidenced by participation in performances, beauty contests, and music concerts. She loved reggae (“You can’t live in Barbados and not love reggae,” Rihanna laughs), Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion. As for the study, in elementary school, Rihanna was a real nerd and only did what she read. But over the years, interest in learning has disappeared, and music has replaced it. She organized her own group, where two friends were invited to a song-song contest for the song by Mariah Carey “Hero.”


At 15, Rihanna smiled real luck. Common acquaintances gave her an audition with producer Ivan Rogers, who was relaxing on the coast. Ivan’s production career was quite successful because he already worked with pop stars such as Christina Aguilera. Robin’s talent and voice impressed the producer, and he did not hesitate to suggest that she try her luck in the USA. Parents of the future singer, who at that time lived separately, did not interfere with her ambitions, so without graduating from school, Robin left Barbados. As Rihanna herself later says, in those years, her ambitions went wild. With Evan mini recording with Rihanna, plays were sent to various record companies, one of which belonged to the famous promising rapper Jay the Z. On the day he met, he saw a powerful potential in her and was not mistaken. Starting to work under his auspices, Rihanna remained in his ward for many years. Robin’s career began in the same 2005 with the song “Pon de Replay,” which introduced the singer to the whole world, still unknown, full of original Caribbean flavor and Afro-Hawaiian roots. The incendiary single hit the leading positions of the charts, the main of which was the American “Billboard Hot 100”. When the song was heard in Rihanna’s hometown, rumors spread about her sexual relationship with Jay-Z, which, of course, was not true and severely wounded the girl. She shared her experiences with Jay-Z. A more experienced colleague laughed and said: “You can’t control everything that people say, but you can’t allow their words to influence your decisions.” Rihanna remembered them and, since then, only laughed at other people’s speculation. In the same year, the first record of Rihanna’s “Music of the Sun” was born, successfully sold out in half a million copies. Robin was in no hurry with concerts, but to advertise her persona, she often acted as the opening act for the stars, and in parallel, wrote music for future hits. The composition “SOS” that got into it sounded at all radio stations, where it occupied the first places in terms of the number of playing on air. It was later used in advertising for Nike sportswear.


In parallel with music, in 2006, the singer began to participate in the filming of films. The comedy “Achieve Success,” where she played a cameo, became the debut motion picture for Rihanna. Designer Manolo Blahnik has repeatedly spoken out publicly about the artistic talents of Rihanna, which, in his opinion, can only be a true movie star. In 2007, the singer presented the album “Good Girl Gone Bad,” which became fateful for her. He earned popularity not only in the states but also in the CIS, Japan, Brazil. The main hit “Umbrella” was sung by the whole world, which brought the first well-deserved Grammy and the status “breakthrough of the year.” This was the first composition in which Rihanna maximally revealed her vocal abilities. The hit of the year was sung in a duet with Jay-Z, and it was written with Justin Timberlake, who later became the backing singer of “Rehab.” Rihanna – Umbrella ft. Jay Z Video doesn’t play Along with the explosive album, the image of the star changed – to the daring, brutal, corresponding to its name. Rihanna boldly experimented with short haircuts and revealing stage outfits. At that time, she felt that she no longer wanted to dance to the tune of labels, but was ready for new achievements. The 21-year-old singer cut her hair short and dyed her hair black.

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