Practical Applications Of Laser Cleaning Machine

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Industrial traditional cleaning has a variety of cleaning methods. One of the most effective and convenient is the laser cleaning method. They use chemical agents and mostly use mechanical cleaning methods. China is taking severe regulations of environmental protection, they grow environmental protection and safety awareness in all matters. But when it comes to industrial production and cleaning, several types of chemicals are being used, which obviously, cause damage. China’s laser cleaning machine is one of the very reliable and effective solutions. Moreover, it solves problems that were unsolved by traditional cleaning methods.

Laser Cleaning Machine Practical Application

Cleaning in precision machinery:

The industry of precision machinery needs to clean its parts of the mineral oil and ester for corrosion resistance and lubrication. The laser cleaning method removes mineral oil and ester without any damage to parts. The impurities removal is accomplished by shock waves from the machine. The thin oxide layers explosive evaporation on the surface of the parts create those shock waves which cause impurities removal without mechanical interaction.

Cleaning in the electronics industry:

To remove oxides, the electronics industry uses the laser cleaning process. This industry needs the decontamination of high-precision, which is appropriate for laser de-oxidation. To ensure good electrical contact before the board is soldered, the component pins should be de-oxidized. The efficiency of the laser machine is high, so it meets all the requirements of use.

Cleaning of weapon and equipment:

Laser cleaning machines are widely used in the maintenance of the weapon. The process of cleaning can clean the rust and contaminants quickly. It can select the cleaning sites to understand cleaning automation. The usage of a laser cleaning machine higher the cleanliness degree with any damage to the surface of the object.


Cleaning of nuclear power plant reactor pipe:

The system of laser cleaning is commonly used to clean the pipelines of nuclear power plants in reactors. Optical fiber is being used to clean radioactive dust and introduce high-power beams. This is a long-distance operation, so the safety of staff and the reactor is really important.

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