New Tips for Blonde Hairstyles

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The world of blonde hair colour has changed in the last few years. From the suffocating sea of black hair, we now have many different options to choose from.

That doesn’t mean that blonde is a faded colour. However, if you can go head to head with the new wave of beautiful blonde hair.

You are sure to stand out amongst the rest.

For the new blonde hairstyles coming on the scene. The latest trend is going back to the roots of classic hairdos.


Hollywood stars had and adored for years is the style known as the white hair cut. This simple and chic style can be done in a number of ways. But always remember to keep a bit of that blonde in the roots.

If you have recently graduated from college or are looking to change your look. And you find yourself without a good medium length haircut. You can always choose a cut that resembles the short hairstyles of our past.

A cropped cut or a bob would both be perfect if you choose to go back to the roots of blonde.

This particular look will definitely make a style statement. You can also use some hair styling products that are easily available in the market with the lowest price. 

Cantu Deep Treatment Masque is the best option and also trending these days. The price of the Cantu hair mask is around $6.21 so, it is not so expensive.

For those who love the natural blonde colour but do not want to go all the way back to the roots, a dark blonde with some whites will get you over the hump.

These styles will add the needed depth to give you the illusion of a blond look, but the blonde colour will still be there. If you can mix and match some of the lighter colours, you can make this look very unique.

Those who have a fast growth rate can try mixing in the colours for a natural look. You can go for an almost black hair cut with just a hint of blond.

This gives a nice contrast to your natural colour. Remember to take time when choosing your hairdo, always take into consideration what you are trying to achieve.

Blonde hair is a very popular colour now, and there are plenty of ways to try to go back to the roots of blond.

Some people try to match their blonde colour with brunettes while others try to go with the golden blonde shade. Either way, there are several different hairstyles that will allow you to achieve the look you desire.

When it comes to new hair colour, the latest craze is going with bright colours such as orange, yellow and pink. It is possible to get this look with both pastel and bright colours.

You can try a light orange that will give your hair a pop of energy or a deeper orange for a more dramatic look. You can select safe and best semi-permanent hair colours that you can buy online or your nearby beauty store.

Blue blonde is the latest trend that looks really good with light pastels. It makes for a great summer look. It will bring a subtle blue hue to your hair that will give your hair a natural look.

For the newest look for dark hair, try going with a bold and bright colour.

Try a bright and fiery red that will stand out against your natural skin tone. You can also try a burgundy with an orange highlight to create a great pop of colour.

A straight blond is also a great option for a new hairstyle.

A lot of women like the “straight blonde” look because it stands out and does not need to be brushed or cared for as much as other hairstyles. For this look, use a flat iron to get the desired result.

For those who have tight curls and want to give their locks cool tresses, go with a silky cut that has curls in it. This will pull in the hair and leave it looking clean and very attractive.

There are a variety of new blonde hairstyles available that will make a statement and make you stand out in a crowd. Look for something that best fits your personality and your hair type.

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