Impact of new technology in the future of the education sector:

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New Technology in the future

The education sector is improving speedily for the growth of student learning and providing ease to teachers. The role of technology in the education sector is visible from recent year’s changes. The technology is making changes in the content, delivery, examination, and teaching methods.

The new technology aims at making the school, colleges, and universities’ teaching patterns more focused on students and their improvement. With the increasing use of technology in the education sector, learning and understanding the abilities of students are enhancing. There are new technologies that include artificial intelligence, Virtual reality, Machine learning, and much more. These technologies are working to leave a beneficial impact on the education sector. Let’s have a look at the top four emerging technologies that will affect the education sector in 2020.

Artificial intelligence:

The way of teaching is transforming from past years. Instead of standing in the front and teaching students what to do, teachers prefer to guide them to the path where they can think themselves what to do. Nowadays, teachers prefer that students learn through doing projects and activities on their own. Teachers are making use of technology to help the student learn and understand. Similarly, Artificial intelligence will be assisting teachers in this race in 2020.


Artificial intelligence will help teachers make more time to focus on students instead of giving time to checking papers, plagiarism, managing attendance, etc. To make the management of attendance of the students easy, the face recognition system will be used by teachers. The face recognition attendance system will help in controlling unauthorized access to the premises. The AI will assist teachers in monitoring the performance of the student or group of students and providing feedback to the teacher.

The education sector can implement it using different data analytics algorithms. It is not all using AI teachers can also check how effective their teaching method is for students. AI will assist in conducting exams without a teacher invigilator and will assist in inspecting cheating in exams.

Virtual Reality:

From the research, it is evident that students learn more through performing the task instead of just learning. Practically doing or experiencing things help students learn and understand easily. In the past, activities and projects were given to the student to try to provide them with better understanding and real-time experience.

But nowadays, to implement experience learning, Virtual reality is playing and will keep on playing a very significant role in 2020. It will help students experience things as if it’s reality.

Won’t it be better for a biology student to see a skeleton in 3d format instead of a picture?

The 3d format will help the biology student to understand the bones, types, and much more. Virtual reality is also developing games with educational and learning objectives. To provide students with both education and entertainment. Students will be able to play games as if they are experiencing it for real, and will learn through it. The engaging part about VR is that it’s very cost-effective. It is not as costly as other new technologies. You can easily buy and use VR technology at cheap rates. It will be used in many fields of life in the coming year. All it takes is to wear glasses.

Video-based learning:

It is advent from the latest research of Cisco that video content is getting more traffic than other content. Similarly, students get more attracted to videos instead of long paragraphs and essays. Video content is more engaging for the students because it helps them learn and understand in a better way.

After this research, educational sectors are planning to provide educational videos. For this purpose, they need to use video preparation tools to make it more relevant and engaging. Using this technology and video making tools, you can speed up the video-making process.

Through the use of technology, lectures could be recorded and used afterward, or teachers can promote online courses for additional learning of students. Videos based learning also has a benefit that is available for the student every time the student search for it, the student can see it again and again till he doesn’t understand the concept.

It helps slow learners catch up with other students by clearing up their concepts. Video-based learning is not only effective but also cost-effective and easily accessible by the students using laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc., that makes it more approachable for the education sector.

Machine learning:

Choosing the right career is very crucial for a successful future of a student. At this point in time, students find it very difficult to choose the right degree and institution for their future. To make the decision simple and right, machine learning will be playing a significant role in the future.

It will guide students on which path to choose by keeping in knowledge the interest and performance of the student. It will also help a student choose among different colleges, schools, and universities that match the student interest and academic criteria. The main motive of Machine learning is to design a system that helps people to assess their capabilities, interest, and skill set to help them improve. Not only just students, but it is also useful for the teachers and administrators of the education sector.

It makes administration easy for teachers and admin staff by managing things through machines. Machine learning is working on developing an exact marking system for teachers that will ensure the end of biased grading in schools, colleges, and universities.

Final words:

The role of technology in education is quite notable in today’s world. The new technologies are aiming at making the education sector much better than before. The new technologies like Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, video-based learning, and machine learning is working both for the ease of student and teachers in the educational sector. Technology is improving the education system and proving to be good for the future of students.

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