How to start affiliate marketing for free

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Start making earning online is not an easy task to do, and it becomes even more difficult when trying to do it for free. In this article, I will give you some advice on how to start affiliate marketing for free. 

What is affiliate marketing

For those who don’t know what affiliate marketing is, affiliate marketing is when companies let individuals promote their products for a small commission. 

Many companies have affiliate programs that you can sign up for. The reason that many companies have an affiliate program is that it is easier for them to make sales this way. 

As an affiliate, you only have to send traffic to them, and when someone buys a product through your link, you will earn a small commission. 


The only problem with many affiliate programs is that they require you to have a website. But if you want to do affiliate marketing for free, you won’t have money for one.  

Here you will see how you some affiliate programs that you can join for free. You can then select products and start promoting them with the advice I am going to give you. 

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Products to promote

Finding products to promote is one of the most important things. If you don’t have products to promote, you won’t be able to make money. 

An excellent place to start finding affiliate links to promote is Clickbank. The good thing about Clickbank is that you can start promoting instantly, and you don’t need a website. 

Go to and create an account. After you create an account, you want to sign in and go to accounts. 

There you will see your account nickname, and you want to click on it. By clicking on your nickname, you will be sent to the affiliate program dashboard. 

From the affiliate program dashboard, you want to go to the marketplace. You can use ctrl + f to find these things faster. 

When you go to the marketplace there, you will find every single category that is in ClickBank. What you want to do is how to find the products that are selling. 

This will give you a higher chance of selling the right products that are doing well. 

You want to go to advanced search, and you want to check show items with gravity higher than 15. 

This will show all the products that have 15 sales in the past 12 weeks. This is important to find products that are actually selling. 

Select a couple of products that you want to promote that are in the same niche. 

Keyword research

Now that you have selected the product, you want to do keyword research. 

You must find long tail keywords to write content around and rank on Google. 

To find those keywords, we want to use Ubersuggest. 

Here you want to select the country and type in a phrase that your audience might look for. 

An example in the fitness niche might be “The best fitness exercises at home” or “The 10 fitness exercises for older people.”

These are examples that people might be looking for. You want to type something in and see the results. 

You need to create an account to see all the keywords, an account is easy and fast. 

After you create an account and you want to see all the keywords there are. 

You want to select the keywords that have 15 SD or below. 

You will be creating content around those keywords. 

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How to promote these products

Create a free blog 

Starting off, you want to create a free blog without having to pay for it. At, you can create a free blog, and here you will be creating articles around the keywords you selected. 

You also want to insert your affiliate links in these articles before you start promoting them on Quora. 

The reason you have to create a blog before promoting it on Quora is that if you put your affiliate links on Quora, you will be banned. 

But if you create helpful content and put your blog as extra help, you will get traffic. 

With this traffic, people will read your articles and might even buy the products you are promoting.  

Find questions on Quora

After you have created a basic blog and have created a couple of articles, you then want to get into Quora. 

In Quora, you want to start finding questions about your niche. You can type the name of your niche topic, and you will find questions about it. 

You can then filter in days or weeks, and you will find the recently posted questions that you can answer to get traffic. 

It is important that you actually answer the question the best you can and that you don’t spam your link around. 

If Quora sees you are spamming the same link around, you will get banned, so be careful. 

Use a free blogging website

Another option that you have to promote affiliate links for free is 

Medium is a free website where you can post articles for free with many other people. 

The good thing about Medium is that it already has a high domain authority, and if you write around a long tail keyword, you will actually have a chance to rank high on Google. 

You can also put affiliate links on Medium, and you will surely make money if you write consistently by targeting all the long tail keywords. 

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