How to Protect your Brand Reputation Online?

You will never want to see your brand being trolled by the public. You will always look forward to doing things that enhance brand reputation.

According to popular statistics, 45% of businesses aren’t managed properly with respect to online presence. Unfortunately, most of the business owners don’t know how to do it or respond to any such feedbacks or go ahead with the dispute.

The brand is the eye of the consumer. It showcases your reputation to the public. The brand is the biggest asset, which is intangible. You need to protect your reputation and brand image, your social proof, influence, and capital in the marketplace.

I Norman, an online marketing manager from Creative, an age-old trusted SEO and digital marketing company, provides some tips to protect online brand reputation in Mumbai, India. These tips will work for both proactive reputation, management, and for those that already facing negative online reviews about them.

a) Provide Excellence Service: Improve customer service and satisfaction first than concentrating on review. A satisfied customer will definitely post positive reviews.

It is also advisable to avoid face to face argument with the client as it will cost your reputation. One negative review can lose thousands of prospective customers. Negativity attracts faster than positivity.

b)Ask for reviews: After service is done or goods sold, do not forget to take feedback or review or testimonial from the client. There are so many sources online.

Google business reviews, Facebook business reviews, Linkedin endorsements, recommendations, apps like mail chimp to post feedback emails in bulk, Intranet apps to take employees reviews and feedbacks.

c) Be proactive, not reactive: Stay active online on social media platforms. Reply to every review with a letter of appreciation and thanks. Get more likes for positive reviews.

If you get any negative reviews, try to get more positive reviews above it, so it gets dumped. Similarly, if any website shares some information about your business and someone post negative feedback. Promote your domain above it so that users see your domain first and click on it.

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