How to Prepare for NEET from Home

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NEET is no doubt one of the most aspiring exams in India. To crack NEET with flying colors is the first step of becoming a successful doctor. It is not possible for every NEET aspirant to get admission into a good coaching institute. The constraints can be an economic condition, distance, time, etc. And, because of this reason many students prefer to study without any coaching.

To guide and help such students, we have come up with this article on “How to prepare for NEET from home.”

Make A Study Plan

NEET Preparation without any formal coaching will require your efforts and diligence. Even if you are preparing for NEET from home, formal attitude towards studies and an affirmative approach towards the study plan is a must if you don’t want to lag in your preparation. Make a realistic time table, which will help you cover the syllabus and allows you to segregate some time for yourself as well.

Go Through the Previous Year Papers

Practicing previous year papers for NEET and AIIMS is next on the checklist. Previous year questions papers for NEET will help you develop familiarity with the exam pattern, question types, and weightage of topics. The best way is by studying a topic and then covering its previous year’s questions. Make sure to cover at least last 15-20 years previous papers as many questions and questions types tend to repeat in an exam like NEET. You can practice them from Darwin4NEET as they have 20+ years of NEET & AIIMS papers along with solutions. It allows you to filter and practice topic-wise previous year question papers as well.


Make Your Own Notes

Handwritten notes have always proven more beneficial than the ready-made ones when it comes to NEET. They help you memorize and revise things your own way. Counting on the right set of books is important here. Only after you have gone through NCERT books of Physics, Chemistry & Biology, you can refer other books or study material. You can also make use of mnemonics and flashcards while making your own notes. Self-made notes will help you to in the last-minute revisions and retain concepts longer.

Practice Mock Tests

NEET is all about time management. Just like your board exams, there is a pattern that you need to follow while preparing for an entrance exam like NEET. The mock tests will help you to get equipped with the paper pattern and improve your test-taking skills. NEET Mock Tests from a well-recognized and authentic medium will help you develop accuracy, speed, and confidence, which are quintessential for your preparation. Darwin App allows you to practice mock tests on a daily basis. These mock tests are designed, keeping in mind the latest pattern and gives you a real exam feel.

Analyze Your Performance

Attempting mock tests alone will not be sufficient to crack NEET with a rank good enough to get in your favorite college of your choice. You have to regularly analyze your strengths and weaknesses and know where you are lagging behind. Identify your weaker areas, work on them, and then manage time better.

Revise Regularly

With the syllabus so vast, it is important to regularly brush up your concepts. Chance of losing concepts, theorems and formulae cannot be taken during your NEET Prep. It is therefore suggested to allocate a fixed time to revision in your study time table. You can choose to revise them every alternate day or before sleeping or every morning as you wake up.

Preparing for NEET at home does require a lot of determination and focus, but once you find your source of determination, you could easily sail across your preparation journey. And yes, Do not go too hard on yourself! Keep your food habits and hobbies alive. A healthy mind and body are the two most essential factors to succeed in any exams.

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