How blue filter glasses provide 99.99% protection to eyes?

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Life without smartphones, laptops, mobiles, television, and other such digital screen devices is next to impossible. These gadgets have undoubtedly changed the complexities of our lives and have brought us not only means of business and working but also offer a whole lot of world full of entertainment, connectivity, education, news, etc.  The best thing about these devices is that they are handy and easy to operate any hour of the day. The fact that we are addicted to these digital gadgets cannot be denied. But what is being overlooked is that we are damaging our eyes with every second spent on them.

We are kept under the dark and not revealed the reality that these devices are laden with blue light, which is harmful to the extent that it may damage the retina and is responsible for frequently occurring headaches.  You might be thinking that the piercing pain in your head is because of long working hours, tiredness, illness, etc. However, the story is something else. You must have failed to notice that this headache or migraine is because of the blue light that is reflected from the screen of these devices. Let’s face it.

Sources of Blue light

The digital devices are house to blue light, which are emitted on operating the gadgets. Blue light is the short-wavelength of the visible spectrum and is reflected through sunlight as well as artificial sources such as LED bulbs, fluorescent lighting, and all digital screen devices. Therefore, you cannot protect yourself from the blue light. Yes, this is the same blue light that is emitted from your computer at work that generally causes strain to your eyes.

Harmful effects of Blue light

Blue light causes irreversible damaging effects to our eyes and the body.  As such, when blue light is exposed to eyes for extended hours, it causes severe stress, strain, pain, redness, dryness, and weakness to the eyes. Since the natural lens of the eyes is sensitive, it fails to block the blue light from reaching the retina. Hence, ailments like retinal damage may occur due to blue light. Apart from this, blue light also causes headaches or the digital migraine that calls for unbearable pain in the head.


Further, this blue light may hinder the sleeping pattern of humans. Blue light is responsible for maintaining the Melatonin Hormone in the body, and any variation in it disturbs the sleep. Many of you must have been facing sleeping disorder, unable to sleep sound or insomnia. All thanks to blue light.

The solution to combat blue light – Anti Blue Light Glasses

Though, you can use a blue light filtering screen on your digital devices as much as possible, but what about the lighting at work and home. You cannot escape from blue light. The only solution is to use something that can stop and block the blue light from entering your eyes. And the only solution is to use blue filter glasses or anti-blue light glasses.

Blue filter glasses have been used worldwide on a large scale to protect the eyes from the harmful effects of blue light. The anti-blue light glasses act as a shield as they have an advance layer of protective coating on the lenses. This coating provides a way to subdue digital eye-strain as well as prevent the occurrence of disrupted sleep cycles.  It is highly recommended to wear these glasses, especially when you are viewing laptops, computers, smartphones, television, etc. these blue filter glasses are absolutely safe, and you can wear them 24×7, except when you are resting.

Best website to buy glasses online

They do not make you look ugly as you can choose any suitable frame to fit your face. However, some of the manufacturers produce blue filter glasses that may have a light hue of blue, green, or yellow on the lenses.  Specscart is the master above all and crafts such elegant pieces of eyeglasses that the lenses are see-through clear without a hint of any color.  The anti-blue light glasses from Specscart provides 99.99% protection to the eys .against damaging blue light

You can choose from the bunch of non-prescription to prescription glasses online from Specscart.  Also, the benefit that you derive from choosing glasses online from Specscart is that you get additional Anti-UV, Anti-glare, Anti-Scratch, and Shock-resistance advance coating on your lenses absolutely free of cost.

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