How A Secure Messaging App Works For Military

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Communication is the foundation for knowledge. Effective communication places the world in a better place. Whatever and whoever it is, they have to communicate with others to get to know or learn something for survival. Communication is part of learning and, it connects with family, friends, colleagues, and others.

In the 21st century, technology has brought many changes in communication, from radio, Tv, printing press, mail to messaging apps. Messaging apps dramatically changed the speed of communication with more flexible and advanced features.

Messaging apps are made to exchange personal and business communications. Collaboration apps help teams to communicate across organizations successfully. The application intends to collaborate with a large number of employees, clients, management, and others into one fold.

As we understand, that the organizations acknowledged recent changes in communication in times. They have been utilizing the features from messaging apps for meetings, webinars, training, remote working, conferences, and chatting. The importance of collaboration apps can not be ignored in any domain in the 21st century, even armed forces such as the Military, Banking, Space, and other data-sensitive agencies.


When it comes to the secure messaging apps for the Military, it should have extraordinary security features to deal with the scenarios of war strategy and national security. As per military expectations, the app is supposed to have certain features in it to protect their data:

  • Collaboration with all military personnel
  • Communication and reporting to federal agencies
  • Data ownership
  • Work across high latency and air-gapped networks
  • Location tracking
  • Maintaining secrecy and protecting data
  • Clear and as well recover the data whenever it is required.

Do we have a messaging app that can manage defense collaboration services?

The answer is yes!

Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is a collaboration app that can be used as a business and organization chat solution. The application has many features such as adding unlimited members, groups, unlimited chats: texts, images, links, videos, files, and it even has video calling, screen sharing, live track location, and others.

Support cross platforms

Troop Messenger supports all major platforms such as mobile phones, PCs, and browsers. And can be installed in various operating systems such as Android, iOS, Mac/Windows, and Linux. The application is easily installed on any mobile or PC and works faster with well-equipped in-built features.

Supports Air gapped Networks And Works In Low Bandwidth Areas

Troop Messenger supports air-gapped networks that work isolated from the public internet. The application is scalable and performs well in conveying the information in even low bandwidth areas such as terrains, sea, and high altitude areas.

Data Ownership By Military

Troop Messenger comes with different service offerings such as SaaS, On-premise, Chat APIs, and others. The On-premise delivery model can be self-hosted and managed by the military. No other third party nor even service provider can have access to the data. The Army can have full control over the conversations that were stored in their databases and networks.

Protects Privacy

The application has end-to-end encryption for all types of conversations, such as one-to-one, group calls, text, and screen sharing. The application has a multilevel authentication process to prevent any malware intrusions.


Troop Messenger has a feature called burnout. If the user wants to convey any confidential information that needs to be cleared from the chat area, they can set a pre-defined timer for a 5 or 10-minute duration to make it disappear from the chat window. The secret chat must get consent from the user at other ends.

Live Location and Tracking

In case of emergency, mobile location can be traced based on shared location. The user can share the location with another user about where he serves and stands. The feature shall be helpful while serving the duty during severe weather conditions, such as deserts, glaciers, landslides, and other natural calamities.

Other Features

Respond Later

Under certain conditions, the cadre may not respond quickly. Using the feature “Respond later”, the users can send replies at a later stage.

Fork out

Forkout helps the user send messages to several groups and individual members without creating a new group for conveying information in just in go.

Access Files Anytime and Anywhere

Troop Messenger has a comprehensive file management system. While using the feature File Deck’ the user can access any file and data without carrying a PC or Mobile phone. The user can upload any file to Troop Messenger’s cloud so that they can access data anytime and anywhere. The user can easily find the data by using filter types, such as images, links, videos, or text across the one -one or group.

With all features and a military-graded security system, Troop Messenger would be the best Defence app for national security.

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    secure messaging app for Military-ec5ae061
    secure messaging app for Military
    secure messaging app for Military
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