Essentials of Hang Tab Packaging

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Hang tab boxes are popularly used for showcasing different kinds of retail products to the consumers. The packaging makes it convenient for retailers. It is used to hang products like hand creams, gadget accessories, jewelry, and other items on the point of display counters.

These boxes are quite effective for enhancing the visibility of displayed merchandise and increasing sales.

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You can make the most of this packaging style for pitching a new product. For instance, if you have just introduced the lip butter range, these boxes can be used for making the items worth noticing for the shoppers.


A potential buyer looking for a lip gloss will be compelled into checking out the hanging item. This packaging style not only assists retailers with exhibiting their merchandise, but the boxes can be used for sharing important features and benefits of the retail items.

From cosmetics to accessory manufacturers, custom hang tab boxes are avidly utilized for packaging and promoting a number of products.

When getting this packaging customized, you need to keep in view the latest printing techniques and target audience’s liking. Boxes printed according to the inclinations of consumers are likely to persuade them to try out the packaged items.

Here are tips to assist you with customizing hang tab packaging for improving your product display endeavors!

Be Meticulous with the Choice of Printing Material

If you want to captivate onlookers through dazzling and dandy hang tab boxes, it is important to pay scrupulous attention to stock and customization combos.

Kraft and cardstock are the preferred printing material options for these boxes. You can ask the printer to share other stock preferences as well.

Check the thickness, durability, flexibility, and strength of various materials before making a choice for these boxes. For those of you who are new to packaging, have a look at some sample boxes with different stocks to understand their features.

Size of Boxes should be Selected Precisely

Size of packaging is an important element, if you get oversized or too small boxes for cosmetics or other items, these are likely to get affected by external tampering factors.

When getting hang tab packaging customized, you should brief the printer on the size specifications of the product bottle so that the printed box perfectly fits the packaged product and provides support to it.

You can have protective inserts for delicate and fragile items to prevent them from breakage, especially during delivery.

Select Finest Finishing Options

During hang tab packaging printing, you need to select finishing options astutely. If you want to make an item instantly noticeable, windows can be added to the boxes.

Glossy lamination is likely to add finesse to packaging. You can explore other trendy customizations as well.

Make sure that the combo you choose adds an attractive appeal to the boxes. And make them worth liking for the potential shoppers. Get advice and assistance from the printer on selecting the finishing preferences.

Detailed Custom Hang Tab Boxes

Informational packaging facilitates customers in making a quick buying decision and helps them using the product accurately. You need to share all the important details like formulation, instructions to consume an item, net weight, best before date, and cautions on the packaging.

This will aid consumers in trusting your retail item, and they will be inclined to buy more from you. Have your logo and tagline printed on the boxes for branding purposes?

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