Do You Need Piano Insurance?

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Everyone loves their piano as a passionate pianist. And why not?

The grand instrument not only strikes the right chord every time but also provides you with a decent living. Concurrently, it is your responsibility too to maintain it the right way by ensuring the best protection for it.

But keeping your piano dust-free and tuning it regularly is not enough for its well-being. You need to invest in the right insurance policy. That will safeguard your musical instrument financially, even during the worst scenarios.

If you are still thinking about whether you should choose piano insurance or not. Let us tell you why it should be your necessity and not your choice.


Keep reading to get all your questions answered regarding this matter.

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Why Should I Buy Insurance for My Piano? 

Well, as an owner of a piano, you must have already developed a strong emotional bonding with your instrument. If something happens to it due to any unforeseen event, it will not only incur financial losses to you but also leave you emotionally exhausted. While the emotional void cannot be filled anyway, the financial hardship can be overcome.

You need to have an appropriate insurance policy at hand. 

What Does A Dedicated Policy Offer? 

Many pianists believe that covering their pianos under homeowner’s or renter’s policies is going to give it adequate protection. But such policies come with their own limitations in which certain items like jewelry, computers, collectibles, firearms, etc. are excluded from the coverage.

Though the piano is considered as one of the ‘general household goods’, it can still call for a personal property insurance rider sometimes. So, investing in a dedicated insurance policy for the piano is always a wise idea as it is customized according to your personal instrumental needs.

It includes the most common types of coverage, such as general liability, public liability, property liability, etc. However, there are some special coverage options too, which can turn your policy into a comprehensive one.

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How Does the Coverage Protect the Piano? 

Comprehensive insurance coverage can protect your piano from every unexpected happening. If it is lost, theft, vandalized, or even damaged accidentally, your policy makes sure that you never have to face any financial burden.

In case it suffers damage from fire, storm, or flood, you are going to be covered. Being a delicate and sensitive instrument, your piano may get affected by the harsh environments and extreme climates, which is again fully covered by your policy. The coverage also ensures that your pocket is saved in events of repairing or replacement of the instrument.

Does the Policy protect it During Transit? 

A specialized musical instrument insurance policy offers on-premises, off-premises, and even transit protection for the insured items. If you ever need to move your piano and it gets damaged during transit, your insurance policy will be there for you. However, if you hire a moving company for the transportation of the instrument, it will be their responsibility only.

Is an Insurance Policy for a Piano Worth It? 

It is needless to say that a piano entails a significant expenditure. Unlike many other musical instruments that fall in the not-so-pricey category. It needs you to shell out huge chunks of money. Moreover, the long lifespan of this classy instrument makes it a one-time investment.

No matter what the situations are, it is going to last for a lifetime with you. Therefore, spending money on purchasing proper insurance protection for it really makes sense. This will cover your instrument from all aspects, thereby helping you survive even the worst times and keeping you financially fit throughout your life.

When planning to buy piano insurance, try to find a specialist insurance provider with a proven track record of success. It will help you avail of a comprehensive policy tailored to your exclusive requirements. You will be assisted by experts from beginning to end in order to ensure a hassle-free insurance journey.

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