Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020

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With the presence of various challenges in the market and outbursting competitions, the digital market evolves and scrounge for new trends every year, which helps the organizations in competing for its more remarkable survival. Vying with other companies and adopting the new trends, the organization which explores it gets the scope for better durability concerning others, while those lacking back to cope up with the trends can be left behind at this nimble race.

With every tick of the clock, the digital market companies try to recognize new and innovative methods to adverse the old school ideas and present a more exciting and strategized platform to satisfy the consumer interest. For better consumer satisfaction and to remain in the competition, it is essential to be updated with every trend that the market in adopting. Let us look at some innovative trends of 2020.

The intelligent retrieval: Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI is one of the most popular and high demanded trends for the year 2020. AI is easily accessible. Its provision of better assistance made it one of the most critical and highly rated trends. Not only in digital marketing, but AI has also taken over many industries and usually preferable by big companies for its higher efficiency of work and replaceable manual labor, which helps in cutting the staffing cost. It has been predicted that AI will overtake many services. It has already created a broad base in essential communication, product recommendation, content creation, email personalization, and e-commerce transaction. In the upcoming period, AI will be one of the critical assistance of digital marketing.


Another necessary provision of AI is the chatbots that the companies are adopting. It’s a 24/7 service activated through artificial intelligence technology and has become a strong trend in the digital marketing space. More than 80% of companies try to update their website with chatbots technology. Thus being a continuation service and systematic performance, it is a highly preferable marketing trend of 2020.

Feature of voice search

Voice search is another AI assistance that has received greater attention in the year 2020, making it one of the most critical trends followed by marketers. As the feature provides helpful support to its users, it is adopted by many companies to advance its website for people. Research finds out that 72% of individuals who have voice search and activate speakers in their device use it more often as their daily routine. The market currently introduces more such features to give easy access to the users and build a bubble of confidence and optimization.

Video Content for marketing

The use of video as marketing strategies has helped countless companies, and it’s getting popular with time. It is more attention-grabbing, engaging, convenient, and can convey more information than text. It can help to engage with a larger population. With the development of technology, it has become easier to develop video.

There are two types of marketed video that are used now-

  • Branded videos – They are educational videos. It engages in delivering tons of information in a short time and is more appealing than reading text on the website.
  • Live videos – They can be interactive and can help in relationship building. It can be done through Facebook, Instagram, etc. It can help in better promotion.

Audio advertising

Audio advertising is one of the oldest advertising methods, which has highly evolved with the introduction of new technology and apps. Music streaming and podcast are one of the new aged strategies of digital marketers. It helps build a much more intimate and authentic connection with the audiences than any other kind of media. The music streams, like Spotify, not only hold the songs of famous albums and artists but also can be a more effective platform for marketing.

Advertising and promotion in social media and search portals

With the presence of a large crowd in social media like Facebook and Instagram, the probability of reaching a greater audience improves through advertising on these platforms. Marketers usually prefer platforms to find targeted customers. Paid advertising is believed to be one of the most reliable digital marketers trends in the upcoming period. Marketing through social media can also be conducted through Facebook messenger and WhatsApp messenger.

Another vital promotion method is through Google Ad’s Smart Bidding feature, through which marketers handle pay-per-click (PPC) promotions. The PPC goals help target Cost per Action, which helps in maximum conversions, targeting ROAS, which helps in getting more conversion value and Maximizing conversions.

The marketers also strategize to promote the page through Browser push notification, which builds better publicity. This is highly used by the companies in 2020, mostly the online shopping platforms. It helps to reach a more considerable amount of people and them to access it directly. It is one of the most successful methods used by digital marketers.

Better analytics

To gain profit and expand your company’s scope to compete with other organizations, a better scope of analysis is essential. Digital marketers should be available with the data and steps for marketing the website in the competitive world. It is one of the important feature and everlasting trend for better performance.

Reaching people through email marketing.

One of the ongoing trends is through email marketing. With better contacts and knowing the targeted audience, one can promote the company and remain in the race through email marketing. It is one of the well-known methods for digital marketers to reach a specific group of people. With active response and exciting innovation within the process, email marketing emerges as an essential trend.

Digital marketing strategies and trends evolve with the introduction of newer technology, innovative ideas, and changing methods to satisfy the needs and demands of the people. Eventually, more development in the trends will be observed. One of the futures of digital marketing is considered to be artificial intelligence. It can be expected that the market will provide more scope for the businesses to compete and promote their interest with its help.

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