Difference Between Cold Laminators And Hot Laminators

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Anywhere in your professional office or in school/college, when you need to protect any page, document, or picture or want a high-quality finish, the laminating machine is the last option. The lamination process adds value with a scratch-resistant surface. China’s laminating machine supplier offers two basic types of laminating machines, one is cold laminators, and another is hot laminators. Both the laminating machines add a plastic coating to a document, card, or picture. The difference in how the plastic is applied to the document by the type of laminating machine. This is the primary difference between the two different laminators.

Cold laminators:

To secure the document or page between sheets of plastics, a cold laminator is being used, which provides pressure and adhesive. Many of the users prefer cold laminators as they want superior quality without the fuss of using heated elements.

Advantages of cold laminators:

There are several advantages, some are mentioned:

  • A cold laminator requires less set-up time and less maintenance. These laminators are inexpensive, simple machines that are easy-to-use. These machines are manual, require the user to operate.
  • The pressure from cold laminator rollers removes the unsightly bubbles which occur while the process of lamination.
  • The quality and colors of the printed document become better after laminating by cold laminators. The heat of the hot laminator degrades the colors.
  • In the cold laminators, you have the option to cover just one side of a graphic. This makes the best options for decals and adhesive decorations.

Hot laminators:

Another type of laminator is a hot laminator that uses heat to the meat or to activate an adhesive material. This type of laminator secures the plastic around the document or page. It provides more durable protection than cold laminators and also a faster laminator.


Advantages of hot laminators:

  • Additional applications for the hot laminating machine include several materials like vinyl and different heating ranges.
  • The materials used in hot laminators are less costly than cold laminators’ materials.
  • Sometimes colors get damages in the hot laminators. You can buy special plastic to protect colors from the heat.
  • It is a more durable and reliable laminator.
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