Death Toll By Coronavirus

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The flu-linked virus COVID 19 has increased to 2924 deaths worldwide as of 02/28/2020.

Since the new virus Covid 19. The number of deaths worldwide has been in 2924. The number of people infected is 85,212. The number of people killed by the virus in China has increased to 2835 while the number of victims is 79,257.

South Korea 2931 people have been infected with the virus while 17 have been killed.

And more new cases are being reported in South Korea than in China. In Italy, 21 people have been killed, while 889 have been affected so far.


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The number of people recovering from the Coronavirus is also on the rise. With a total of 39,539 patients recovered so far, while the condition of 7819 patients is alarming.

In Iran, too, the death toll from Covid 19 is increasing rapidly. 34 people lost their lives so far, while the number of victims has exceeded 388.

The Coronavirus is likely to postpone the ASEAN summit by the US; virus cases have surfaced in the US state of California and Oregon, with 66 people infected with the virus in the United States.

Two cases have been reported in Pakistan, Kuwait 45, Bahrain 38, Malaysia 25, United Arab Emirates 19, Iraq 8, Oman 6, Lebanon 4, Afghanistan 1, Azerbaijan 1, Egypt 1, and Nigeria 1.

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