Best Road Trip Cars For Family

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Having vacations during holidays is the best feeling that every family would love to have. The road trips are the best, most especially for holidays, to give families time for bonding with each other and to get to know themselves better. When planning for road trips either far or near, it is wise to own your car for the days you will be out as a family. You can rent some bet known vehicles to serve you. Below are some types of vehicles to rent, which you can get for the trips. In case you are traveling with a big family or friends, consider renting a 7-seater.

1. Toyota Corolla

Provided you are a family and are happy; you don’t also need to have fancy rides for the simple trips. The vehicle is known to be budget-friendly since you can easily afford the price. Toyota Corolla is known to be among the many cars that are highly rented all over. The car, however, requires most checklist vehicles like it’s efficiency in fuel, space, rides type, and also friendliness. The car is known to offer an appeal everywhere, and nobody can deny enjoying a ride in this car. When you rent it, no doubt, the maximal you can spend for a single day doesn’t exceed $80.

2. Hyundai Kona

The car offers you with value for money since it’s bill is affordàble, and one can negotiate. It is an excellent vehicle used to go on trips during weekends and can offer both long and short road trips, but the car is also excellent. Renting out this model for the journey is worth it since it entails saving more money, and the services offered by the vehicle are worth it. The paying rates are also not expensive, and you are free to return the car even after your trip is made. This suits seven people with a big engine, which makes it reliable to go for longer miles.

3. Dodge Durango

It is another type of 7 seater vehicles for rent with it’s comfy, space, and quiet condition. It offers some ample comfortability and is on the same platform with other cars like Cherokee grand jeep despite it being longer with extra row seats. It is responsively handled with a comfortable and composed ride hence making your family experiencing substantial and sophisticated life. It has eight slick speed, which improves fuel economy and the car’s performance for all of its engines. It has an infotainment system worth 8.4 inches, which has an intuitive type of operation. It has a generous cargo room enabling the Durango to tow some more pounds compared to its competitors. It has a very standard rearview camera on its trim lines hence making it be the best in the market.


4. Audi Q7

The vehicle is designed with the best model, which has made it be the best family transporter due to its lightweight hence suiting shallow generation. The model has a V6 supercharged being mated with an automatic super smooth speed. It has very effortless acceleration and concentrates mostly on fuel economy. The model is so quiet hence gives the family tranquility and calmness sense. The car offers a commendable comfy riding since it can be pushed and control to fit the features of a luxurious vehicle. It also has an air suspension, too hence making it’s handling inspiring and responsive. The car has a bigger second seat row where three people are free to fit without squeezing each other.

5. Toyota Sienna

The minivans are done frumpy and bigger side doors, which, more eats, generous cargo rooms, and cupboard holders piles. They hence give the best companion on road trips since they are the best seven-seater vehicles for renting. The selection of this vehicle makes it sensible since you comfortably ride in it, especially when it fits the exact number of people from the family. They are also known to be the best minivan currently available to provide families, and as the new model of it is introduced, they are always improved. For instance, the latest models he third row, which makes it comfortable for three people, especially adults. Kids won’t enjoy it since their windows are high for peering outside.


Whenever you want 7 seater vehicles for rent, you need to remember the ones mentioned above since they comfortably accommodate the whole family. These vehicles are cheaper and available anywhere you can go for your vacation and road trips as a family.

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