All about UV coating and lamination

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Both UV coating and laminating are popular options for shielding and preserving the material or printed documents like business cards and corporate brochures. These processes greatly extended the durability and lifespan of the product. Moreover, also provide a different texture and feel for the product. In this modern era, the applications of both machines are increasing rapidly, and they are becoming popular because of the introduction of the latest technologies in them. Modern paper extrusion coating laminating machine and paper UV coating machine is now manufactured with updated technology to provide high-quality protection to the material. Customers buy these machines for creative solutions for their printed document finishing.

UV coating:

A process in which polymer resin changes from liquid to solid with the involvement of ultraviolet light is UV coating. This process is used to coat the document. Liquid polymer resin simply protections the product, then the UV light helps in turning the liquid the resin into a solid covering. This coating method is advantageous as it provides a lower cost option of protecting the document from lamination. UV coating can apply in numerous finish printed document options, like:

  • Glossy
  • Matte
  • Semi-glossy
  • High- glossy

By using a roller, you can also provide a special textured covering over the printed document. It serves as a replacement for lamination directly. Moreover, it also provides several benefits:

  • High vibrancy
  • Richness in color
  • Protective covering


A classical method of protecting printed products is lamination. There are different types of laminating machines. As small laminating machines are now commonly used for projects and important document lamination at home and office. Large laminating machines have demand in industries. A laminating film is spread by either a hot laminating process or cold laminating process over the product to protect. This layer of film is a physical barrier to the document. There are some benefits of using a lamination machine:

  • Easy-to-use
  • The initial setup cost is low.
  • The setup requirement is low.
  • Use at home and offices.
  • Prevent against damage by UV radiation

UV coating vs. lamination

After the UV coating and lamination process, generally, it is very difficult to find which one process is better as both give almost the same printed document finishing. When you especially focus on the final document, you will find that UV coating provides more glossiness and fine layering on the material rather than the final laminated product. If you fold a UV coated and laminated document and press the folded area with your fingers, you will find cracks on the UV coated document, and the laminated document surface will be smooth. In this way, you can identify the difference between both processes.


The process of UV coating is a comparatively superior option because of the low cost per unit, moreover coupled with the high speed of processing and output. Both the UV coating process and the laminating process add a great amount of durability to your digital printing projects.

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