Kids-Friendly Visit at Shaza Markka

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If you are Muslim and want to feast your eyes with the Majestic view of Kaaba the first time then, please go for it.

Because it is an Umrah season and millions of God –Fearing Muslims are striving to book Cheap Umrah Packages online with flights.

If you are worried about your little teeny weenies, then it is strongly suggested to take them with you for your Umrah spree.  Umrah is a very Golden spiritual opportunity.

It may be your once-in-a-lifetime chance to get your Almighty’s blessings. So why don’t you avail of this incredible opportunity with your kids?


A Religious Upbringing Of Children Is Obligatory For Us

The children are an unprecedented gift of Allah (SWT). Our little captains are the carriers of our religion, tradition, and values.

So it is more than mandatory for us to leave no stone unturned in their decent upbringing in accordance with our decent religion. Any negligence in your children’s matters would hold you accountable before your Creator Allah (SWT).

Moreover, the little teeny weenies are on their growing and learning stage. They strive to pick and imitate your words and actions in all the best possible ways.

So the Umrah is the best time for them to learn about the significance of their religion Islam. Although they are unable to fully understand the complexities of this lesser pilgrimage, they would learn many things by imitating your words and actions.

If you observe their learning is speeding, you must teach them to learn some easy prayers by heart.

Tips To Make A Better Umrah With Your Kids

When you decide to take your kids at Masjid E Haram for Umrah. First and foremost, maintain your patience. You can shorten your lengthy prayers if needed.

Secondly, it is very important to choose the right and the most suitable time to avoid the congestion of the Scorching Saudi Sun.

However, there is no harm in taking your child/kid for summer Umrah. What you must do is to follow some smart and really beneficial tips which are as follows.

Go for psycho-preparation of your kids. Tell them why you want to take them for Umrah. What Umrah means and its significance.

Keep some extra summer clothes of your kids with you. Choose the clothes with striking colors so you can spot them amidst the great rush of people in Haram.

Direct your children to reach out to the security personnel in case if they get lost in the great rush of people.

Keep a children’s bag with you. You can place it in safe boxes located in the outer areas of Haram Shareef.

Keep them hydrated with the cold Zamzam water found everywhere inside the Holy Mosque.

Take Your Kids To Shaza Makkah Hotel

If you want an extended, undisturbed prayer time in Umrah, you must take your kids at Shaza Hotel in Makkah, where your kids would surely have fun-filled and thrilling activities.

Shaza Hotel And Its Location


If you are bringing your kids, it is strongly suggested to book a luxurious room in Shaza Hotel Makkah.

It is located just at the stone’s throw away from the grand Al-Haram Mosque. It is the luxurious five-star property of Makkah, which gives a magnificent and charismatic view of the Grand Holiest Kaaba Mosque from your room window.

This hotel provides you with the truest 5 Star Luxury experience to you and a great fun time for your kids.

Moreover, if you are on your maiden Umrah itinerary, it is undoubtedly unsafe to leave your kids alone in your hotel room.

If you are really desirous of completely immersing yourself in Umrah Ibadahs, the Shaza Kids Club is ever ready to embrace them with open arms from the very moment you check in this classy construction.

Shaza Makkah A Kids-Friendly Hotel

Shaza hotel is one of the best family hotels in Makkah, which comes up with all the comforting needs of its guest families. It is an epitome of true Eastern hospitality.

This is a fantabulous kids-friendly hotel which entertains your kids in all the best possible ways to make your trip easy and smooth.

It amiably offers you the luxurious, spacious rooms, a restaurant ready to welcome you throughout the day, and, most importantly, the popular Shaza Kids Club, to make your little captains feel at home.

The Club opens at 10 am and closes at 10 pm.  For 12 fun-filled hours, your kids are under the kindest custody of this hotel management.

Children under twelve can enjoy their services free of charge with the utmost safety and luxury. For the kids under three, the cozy bedding arrangement is present for their sound sleep in complete silence.

Shaza Kids Club

Kids are the most important little guests of this awe-inspiring, luxurious construction. As a Child-friendly hotel, the most significant amenity of this hotel is the exciting “Shaza Kids Club,” located on the fifth floor.

They can unworriedly leave their kids to this ever welcoming Club management to perform their Umrah and roam the Haram.

You can also keep a check on your kids through the Club’s Glass Façade from where you can observe them smiling and playing with all clean and safe environment.

Thrill-Filled Activities Of Shaza Kids Club

This Kids Club amuses the kids with various entertaining and educational activities.

The members enlighten your littles with different influential stories, interactive games, and brain teasers, which impart good features in them like honesty, generosity, cooperation, and other virtues of good Muslims.

The Club’s Management leaves no stone unturned in promoting the true Islamic values that you teach to them.

They do so by telling different authentic Quranic stories and different aspects of Prophet Mohammad (SAW)’s life. The kindest Club’s Management truly becomes an unforgettable part of your kids’ memories.

Summary :

It’s about the fun-filled activities of the beautiful Kids Club of Shaza Hotel located a few steps away from Haram. The Kids of Umrah pilgrims can have a great fun time here.

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