5 Technologies You Should Implement in Your Next Mobile App

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Your Next Mobile App

There is no denying the fact that a successful mobile app is a perfect blend of beautiful UI, UX design, easy navigation. And stable workflow, and unique features. An app that helps users complete their daily tasks by offering easy-to-use features.

And offers out-of-the-box user experience can take your business to new heights of success.

Regardless of the type of business you are running, providing an engaging experience. And easy UI/UX has now become more important than ever before. If your business is struggling hard to reach your target audience and increase your business growth potential, then creating a functional and unique mobile app is the solution.

Creating a great app is easier said than done, you need a results-driven mobile app development strategy, an in-depth competitor analysis. You have a team of mobile app developers. Developing a mobile app is not enough; you need to make it unique so that it can give your business a competitive edge.


If you are thinking of making your business a big hit in 2020, here are five cutting edge technologies that you should use to make your mobile app stand out from the crowd.

  1. Optimize Your App for Foldable Devices

When it comes to developing an app for your business, make sure your app is compatible with foldable phones. With the advent of Samsung’s innovative foldable device, it has now become essential for app development companies to optimize their apps in a way that it efficiently runs on foldable devices. Foldable devices offer more space for different types of multi-window that allows users to perform multiple tasks at once.

Make sure your app can easily be transitioned from one screen to another and seamlessly configure according to the new layout. It should also support multi-window mode and function well on the device with multiple displays. It will allow users to perform multiple tasks and move the activity from one window to another.

  1. Incorporate Beacon Technology

If you really want to develop a mobile app that helps you accomplish your sales targets, then consider implementing beacon technology. It is the emerging mobile app development trend of 2020 that many business industries such as healthcare, hotels, travel and tourism, retail, and others are using for their advantage.

This location technology and proximity marketing technique help businesses to connect with their target users and transfer information to smart devices. It makes location-based searching and communication easier and more accurate.

Beacons are basically wireless transmitters that use Bluetooth technology to transfer signals. It helps businesses to deliver location-based info and notifications in real-time when a user enters the premises of the Bluetooth access field. The relevant app receives signals and provides notifications and guidance for the users. The cutting-edge location technology is greatly helpful for many businesses as it contextually connects with their target customers.

  1. Make the Most of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the most famous technologies; if combined with mobile app development can do wonders. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can make the mobile app development process easier. They make them smart pieces of software that can predict user behavior and make intelligent decisions.

AI and ML technology can learn from users’ behaviors and instructions, identify issues, and implement necessary actions to fix the issues. By integrating AI and ML technology into your mobile app, you can offer a personalized app experience for users.

One of the major benefits of using AI in mobile app development is that it reduces development time significantly and improves the features and functionalities with an outstanding performance. Many business industries, such as finance, healthcare, accounting, and more, are using this innovative technology for their apps. Some tech companies are also using artificial intelligence for the smooth authentication process, empower real-time translation, improved security with facial unlock, and much more.

  1. IoT Integration

The concept of the Internet of Things isn’t new and is continuously evolving with time. With the increasing demand for IoT gadgets and systems, the demand for IoT-enable devices is also increasing.

This is why many app developers are making the most of this technology while creating apps for social media marketing agencies, fashion brands, real estate companies, and businesses running in different sectors. There are many popular platforms such as Android Ubidots, Xively, Thingworx, and more that allow you to implement IoT in mobile apps.

By developing an IoT enabled mobile app, users can get connected to any device and perform their tasks from anywhere, anytime. It offers maximum flexibility and convenience for the users and keeps a regular track of users’ data. It will help you understand users’ needs, improve your services and features to make their life better and more convenient.

  1. Integrate Payment Gateway Technology

With the advent of PayPal, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay, customers now prefer to purchase from mobile. Tech giants Samsung and Apple are putting their best efforts to make money transactions and bill payments more convenient for mobile users. It’s high time for mobile app developers to introduce mobile apps payment gateway into their apps.

By integrating a reliable payment gateway and encrypted security in your mobile app, it will ensure the payment process is smooth and quick. Make sure your next app has a reliable payment gateway that can securely collect customer information, send it to the payment processor, and complete the transaction.

To Sum Things Up

Though it is not easy to make your mobile app outshine, among other applications. By integrating the latest technologies, you can develop a functional app that can help users solve their pain points and make their lives more convenient.

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