5 Signs You May Need Dental Implants

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Replacement tooth roots can be fixed or detachable replacement teeth are dental implants. So, whether you have a missing tooth or teeth, dental implants are a good alternative to having natural-looking teeth.

Depending on the treatment and whether you go private or not, the cost of dental implants differs. 

Are you fed up with dealing with the sticky adhesives that come with dentures and slippage?

Are you suffering from a broken or badly fractured tooth, which makes you suffer from pain? Are you scared to smile like you want to because your teeth are missing?


Here are five severe signs that a dental implant is necessary:

Missing teeth

If you have a missing tooth or teeth, you certainly need to go to the dentist to determine the right mouth treatment. Maybe you’ll need a dental implant.

Not only can missing teeth appear unsightly and cause your everyday life to suffer, but they can also affect your mouth’s health. In the space where you lack teeth, a dental implant will fill in and look just like your natural teeth.

Missing teeth can be humiliating, making it difficult to eat correctly and making you feel self-conscious in public about smiling. Dental implants are entirely functioning prosthetic teeth that are meant to look and sound exactly like your own natural teeth, so you can feel secure in your restored smile if you need one.

Broken tooth 

Cracked or missing teeth is another significant indication that you ought to get a dental implant. These teeth can cause a lot of pain if left unattended, so make sure you see your dentist ASAP.

Generally, the dentist would want to save as much of the framework of the tooth as possible. However, if the tooth is damaged beyond repair, the best choice could be to remove the tooth instead of putting an implant there.

A dental crown or dental implant could be your best choice to restore functionality to your smile if you have a damaged or broken tooth. While dentists often try to preserve as much of the natural tooth structure as possible, it may be necessary to remove it if the tooth is damaged beyond repair. If this occurs, your smile can be restored by an implant that looks and acts exactly like your natural teeth. Eventually, some people forget that they do have an implant.

Sleeping or eating issues

This may be a warning that you need dental implants if you are having trouble eating or speaking.

There may be various reasons you fail to eat or talk, and your dentist will ensure that he/she gets to the root of the fundamental problems.

If your tooth gives you extreme pain, it could be seriously infected, so your dentist can determine what is best for you to do next. Tooth extraction and dental implant placement could be the best choice for you.

Infected tooth

A lot of pain and discomfort can be caused by infected teeth. Infected teeth can also spread to other teeth when left unattended. You can patch the tooth, so make sure you go to the dentist. The dentist may have to take out the tooth if the infection is too bad and replace it with a dental implant.

Facial Changes

You could experience facial changes if you’ve had dentures or missing teeth for a while. This may be because of bone loss in your jaw if you find that your face has fallen or looks thinner or older.

You experience bone loss as you get older, and dentures do not promote bone growth the same way that implants do. Hence, the bone begins to deteriorate over time. It contributes to your face getting a sunken-in appearance.

If you are worried about your jaw, immediately consult a dental specialist. Find out more about what could cause pain in your jaw.

Have you ever noticed the sunken-in or caved-in look that the mouths of some denture-wearers have? Unfortunately, for patients who wear dentures due to ongoing bone loss as they get older, this is a common concern. The bone begins to deteriorate over time, contributing to the sunken-in, caved-in look, because dentures do not promote bone growth as implants do. By promoting fresh, healthy bone tissue in the jaw around the implant, dental implants solve this problem.


If you lack teeth, dental implants will take away the pain and discomfort you experience. The procedure can be invasive and can be done very easily, leaving you with life to get on.

So, if you encounter any mouth pains or complications, make sure that you meet as soon as possible with a dental specialist.

If you want to book an appointment or address your dentistry requirements with friendly and knowledgeable dentists, contact us.

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